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  1. Oh thanks man appreciate your advice. Probably will grab the more kiasi variety haha I probably have a 4 hour gap before filling it with water I guess. Just getting all the planning done first.
  2. Hi Guys, I got a question, what brand of adhesive/glue do you guys recommend for PVC pipings? Also how long to wait before adding saltwater? Apparently when I set up my tank 4 months ago, all I did was fixing the pipes together, I am a total novice at plumbing so I didn't know I needed to glue them together! They fit well so I was fortunate enough to have it leaking at a really slow rate but it drips into my sump tank so its fine for now. But me being paranoid, having it burst one day is always in the corner of my mind. Since I will be moving house soon, I will be disassembling it so I want to get it properly done. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I need some help, ever since a water change 3 weeks back, I have these white specks of dust (?) in my tank. It doesn't seem to disturb my livestock but it just annoys the hell out of me because it gives me this thought of it being 'dirty'. This has never happened to me before so I'm not too sure what's going on. Tank: 4 months old, 4ft DT with 3ft Sump, total volume 140G. Parameters: Quite stable, 0 NO3 and 0.5 PO4 (slight elevation since 2 months back will get this sorted soon) Fish: 2 Anthias, 2 Snowflake Clownfish, 1 Blue Hippo Tang, 1 Copperband Butterfly, 1 Long-Nose Hawkfish, 1 BiColour Blenny, 1 Dr Shrimp. Corals: 1 S-size Hammerhead, 1 M-size Torch, 1 L-size Anemone, 1 S-size purple seafan, 1 M-size rainbow chalice, 1 S-size Scoly, 1 Demon Whip frag. Sump: Refugium with chaeto, lights and bacteria houses. Bubble Magus Curve A8 skimmer. Bag of Redsea Carbon in 200micron Filter Sock. Reusing a 5watt UV filter. Light: 2 IntLED R60
  4. Hi guys, I need some chaeto. Does anybody have some? I accidentally messed up mine and lost majority of it in an accident. I asked around but seems like it's high in demand and I can't seem to get my hands on any Please do drop me a text at 83337534. Thanks
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