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Rhizotrochus typus

Rhizotrochus typus

Scientific Name: Rhizotrochus typus

Care Level: Intermediate

Disposition: Semi-aggressive

Placement in tank: Low

Light Level: Non Photosynthetic

Water Flow: Medium-Strong Intermittent

Diet: Carnivore

Range: Japan, Indo-Pacific, Australia

The corals in the genus Rhizotrochus, or Rhizo for short are a deep water, non-photosynthetic variety. These corals are very similar in nature to those found in the genus Tubastrea, commonly called Sun Polyps. The biggest difference between the two is that Rhizotrochus are solitary in growth form, never forming colonies like a Sun Polyp. They reproduce by budding and some keepers of this coral have reported this happening in captivity.

The Rhizotrochus will send out a root like structure from its skeletal base and attach itself to substrate like live rock. The do very well being tucked into a rock crevice or being placed in the sand. They come in various colors like red, pink, green, yellow and most, commonly, stark white.


This coral is non-photosynthetic and will require frequent feedings of meaty foods. Feed two or three times a week little bits of silverside, squid or shrimp. May be target fed brine or mysid shrimp using a turkey bastor or pipette.

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