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  1. Thanks again bro. Very friendly reefer, with a great looking tank too! Bump for your remaining items on sale.
  2. Thanks again bro! Very friendly reefer! ...I blew a tire along AYE and was missing a wrench to get to my spare And Zoren came by to rescue me with his magical adjustable wrench, and delivered the chiller!
  3. Hi bro recieved your SMS, I'll take these two items, see you tonight. 1) Prizm Pro Skimmer (need to replace impeller) - $20 Free 2 solid "tree structure" meant for sea horse 3) Digital timer - $20
  4. I'll take it PM sent Can pickup tonight if convenient for you.
  5. You do realize that shipping something the weight (18kg) and size of a Teco RA680 would cost over SGD$250.00++ right? Also most of us are not merchants and will not be able to accept credit card payments. You are probably better off looking for a chiller locally.
  6. Msged you regarding the chiller. Possible to meet up at C328?
  7. Hi I'm interested if the pickup location is not too far from me. I'm in the NE area (Boon Keng).
  8. Fuzzy

    WTG Chiller

    can I join the queue also? PMed contact
  9. wow cute, pity I don't have a tank running that I can house this critter in.
  10. Hey bro, PMed you regarding a viewing tonight, not sure if it got through, PM system didn't seem to be working right. SMS me if you received pm
  11. Hi bro, I'll see you next week for a viewing, serious interest in full set.
  12. Very tempting offer, I'd take it, but I will be out of town from after CNY till March.
  13. i'll take it. SMS you again in the morning!
  14. bro sent you SMS if can split the batch? I don't really need this much chaeto. Did you receive it?
  15. Noone interested in some nice sand? Can also break down into smaller quantities if desired.
  16. I have a 20lb bag of Caribsea Ocean Direct - Caribbean Live Sand http://www.marinedepot.com/ps_ViewItem~idproduct~CS0920.html Purchased from Polyart 2 days ago (fresh stock) I just opened this bag yesterday to set up my nano tank, and realized that I didn't even need a bag 1/2 this size doh! I immediately resealed the breather bag with an impulse sealer. Looking to sell of the rest of this bag estimated 6kg++ remaining. Bought at $45.00. selling 2/3 of the bag at $25.00 the sachet of biomagnet clarifier bacteria included with the bag is more than 3/4 full and also immediately heat resealed after opening. Pickup location is the Bendemeer Area or at Sim Lim Square during office hours. SMS me at 8183-5013 to deal. Interested in a handful of Chaeto ($5 or so worth) in partial trade too!
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