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  1. Red Sea Prizm Pro with brand new impeller. - Reserved for Bro Onizuka for collection this week! Stevie T JBJ Nanocube Custom Cup for Tunze 9002 - Reserved for bro Raydiative Reef Maniacs 2ft FR - Reserved for bro Chinmo Eheim 1046 Pump - Reserved for bro MarcoVan
  2. Red Sea Prizm Pro with brand new impeller. - Reserved for Bro Onizuka for collection this week!
  3. Oops I forgot to list also I have a Clean Up crew of hard working and reef-friendly scavengers! All are from AM, and these critters have been with me for over 6 months++ 1x Banded Coral Shrimp (aka Clawed Banded Shrimp) - Approx 8cm from pincers to tail, quite big and just moulted again last week. Reef safe but you don't want more than 1 of these in your tank, they are aggressive towards their own species. 2x Turbo Snails 2x Nassarius Snails All for $10.00 Hehehe You will have to bring your own pail / Containers please and I'd prefer that their new home be 2ft or larger.
  4. Ok here's more stuff i have from my storeroom clearance! Pickup / Viewing location is in the Boon Keng area, but can also meet at GO, AM or C328 in the evenings. 7 day full refund from me, if any of the items is not working. Prices are all pretty much firm as I am already listing cheaply to move! Reefmaniacs 8" Calcium Reactor Set Set Includes: Reefmaniacs 8" Calcium Reactor Set Dupla pH-Set Delta pH Controller JBJ Solenoid Valve 2L Steel Aquarium CO2 Tank (70% Full) CO2 Tubing and Fittings and bubble counter. Just add your favorite ARM media and go! *kitty cat is not for sale. Asking $250.00 JBJ ATO Set Set Includes: JBJ Automatic Top Off set (With 2 float valves, in almost new condition complete with box, manual and all accessories! Bought from bro Tansk but never used.) Eheim Compact 1002 Pump (6 mths old, 1000 l/h - output power 150-1000 l/h, max delivery height, 2,0 m, power consumption 23 w.) 1ftx1ftx5inch reservoir tank (black silicone, styrofoam lined base, new and never used) Asking $120.00 Tunze Nano DOC Skimmer 9002 More details here: http://www.fishlore.com/tunzeproteinskimmer-9002.htm This skimmer I bought from bro Tansk a few months back 2nd hand but never got around to using it, because the airstone skimmer in the JBJ 28G was doing good enough. It has the Reef Depot hologram sticker still attached to it, and is tested working, but no longer under warranty. Asking $100.00 Stevie T JBJ Nanocube Custom Cup for Tunze 9002 Ordered direct from Stevie T http://shop.mediabaskets.com/Small-Tunze-C...Size-JBJCUP.htm Brand new and unused, I paid SGD$75.00 for this cup after shipping. Asking $50.00 Red Sea Prizm Pro with brand new impeller. Bought as a backup and changed to a brand new impeller ($60.00 from Petmart) but never used. So this is almost as good as new. Asking $80.00 Two Little Fishies Phosban 150 FR set Also bought from a bro here and never hooked it up. Comes with a new sealed bottle of TLF PhosBan® Julian Sprung Marine Aquarium Formula and a spare O-Ring Asking $70.00 Reef Maniacs 2ft FR Good condition, no leaks, cracks etc Asking $50.00 Eheim 1046 Pump Great little pump, 300 L/hr flow rate, just nice for feeding an FR, can run external inline or submerged. Asking $25.00 All sales on a FCFS basis please, Viewing / Pickup Location is in the Boon Keng area. Feel free to drop me a PM or SMS me at eight one eight three five zero one three, if you have any questions or queries, or if you'd like to stop by and have a look.
  5. Wow no love for nano tanks at the moment? Super Price Adjustment! $350.00 for everything! Delivered to your house! Price on tank alone will be $200.00 No separate sales on chiller unless I can get a buyer for the tank alone, sorry, want to keep this as a plug and play system for potential buyers. Also I'll be posting up a list of other misc equipment I have for sale.
  6. I have a Red Sea Prizm Pro with a brand new impeller (only turned on to test) going for $80.00
  7. Thanks bro, need to clear out all my old equipment first!
  8. I've received a few enquiries about selling the chiller separately, but I'm not intending to split the set for now. Thanks for the interest, I'll keep you guys posted if someone wants just the tank alone. Price for tank alone (with all the freebies and no chiller) is $250.00
  9. Hi guys, I've decommissioned my JBJ 28G HQ1 in preparation for an upgrade after CNY. I am the second owner of this tank, but it is still in good shape, no leaks / chips. A Hailea HC-150A 1/10HP chiller (Just serviced, and fan changed, working flawlessly) is included and the tank is essentially ready to go, this is a great starter tank, frag tank or even a quarantine tank! Some of the usual fine scratches from sand, some screws are a little rusty from inevitable corrosion, but no serious problems. Serious buyers can arrange for a no obligation whatsoever viewing most evenings / nights (8pm - 1am) in the Boon Keng area. More pics of the tank from my setup threads: http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78411 http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=78015 Included in this sale: -------------------------- JBJ 28 Gallon HQ1 Nano tank ( More details here: http://www.jbjlighting.com/prod-28g-nano-hq1.html ) Everything that a newly purchased JBJ 28G HQ1 would come with, Skimmer, Air Pump, Duo Pulse etc, but see below info regarding tank stand.) BLV Ushio 20000K 150w DE MH Bulb (the bulb is 6 months old, and I'll also include the used original JBJ MH bulb for backup also) Hailea HC-150A Chiller (1/10HP just serviced and changed the fan) Hydor Koralia 1 Wavemaker (Cleaned and working perfectly) Optional Goodies (free with tank purchase): ------------------------------------------------------- 20Kg of Live Rock (Refer to my previous threads for pics, I am currently still running the tank dark, curing the LR again.) 30lb of Caribsea Live Aragonite Sand (no longer pristine white, but with lots of life in it, tubeworms, pods etc) Stand for tank (The original stand is still sturdy and in use, but has sustained water damage, and its made from MDF board. I am still happily using it, but a new JBJ stand is around $105 from AM) API Reef Master Test Kit Classica Hydrometer Half a box of Reef Crystals =================== The JBJ HQ1 is $799.00 and the Hailea HC-150A is $398.00 from AM if bought brand new. This tank set is not for fussy buyers, but everything listed above is going for a low low price of $400.00! *Free delivery can be arranged to your void deck / gate if needed, late evenings or nights only. FCFS basis please, I am requesting a 50% deposit before delivery, or for reservation, but I need to clear the tank out in the next 2 weeks. Viewing / Pickup Location is in the Boon Keng area. Feel free to drop me a PM or SMS me at eight one eight three five zero one three, if you have any questions or queries, or if you'd like to stop by and have a look.
  10. Something similar to this has actually already been done before in the past (early 1990s). It was a bluetooth keyboard that projected a red (single) colour keyboard onto any flat surface. It never took off because of the lack of tactile feedback, I tried it once, and its a bit weird drumming your fingers on a tabletop.
  11. I have a pair of smaller Hailea chillers (HC-150A) that I'm very happy with. Had to change the fan in one of the units after a year ($13.80 at Sim Lim Tower) but the thermostats on both units are fine. I went with Hailea because I was reading a lot of horror stories about Resun, no complaints after a year plus and they're both quieter running than my Resun CL-300 was.
  12. I think you should steer clear of SPS for a FOWLR tank, especially one full of big eaters (and poopers) Try Softies and LPS first for a better chance of success.
  13. No choice the most practical solution is one our neighbours won't be happy with us pursuing. :nuke: :nuke: But I reckon we (and the rest of the global community) will be even less happy with them if they pursue it. We don't really have the space for enough Solar farms and Wind Turbines.
  14. I think low levels of NO3 do indeed speed its growth, also high light and high flow appear to be their preferred zone. Maybe if you place them in a lower flow / lower light region are they might slow down a bit, won't be as luminous though.
  15. How come nobody has stepped forward to culture these pods yet? If someone could offer a cheap plentiful supply of locally cultured pods I think it would benefit the community greatly!
  16. Ceramic rings and bioballs if not cleaned regularly can turn into nitrate producing factories in marine tanks.
  17. I don't think I want to have Slingjaw wrasse in any of my tanks...
  18. They are one of the fastest growing and easiest to frag. Disturb the colony to get the polyps to retract, then rubbery purple base should be quite easy to peel / scrape off the LR. Only effective method of controlling their growth I've seen is to place the colony on the sandbed.
  19. I bought a Deepsix also when I started and used it twice, before I just tossed it aside and bought a refractometer. Got it on ebay from a company that only sells Refractometers (of all sorts, make sure you get one for salinity) on ebay, If I recall correctly it was around SGD$65 - $80 after all shipping charges etc. Aside from the questionable calibration, and the problem with bubbles on the swing arm, results even from the same batch of water were inconsistent, I had to take 3 readings and average them out.
  20. Yeah Aquamarin is your best chance at this time of day. They sell Jerry cans of pre-mixed (Marine Environment) not sure if they carry NSW.
  21. Most likely the brand / batch of salt mix he bought. Unless the bottled water is mineral water instead of distilled
  22. I can vouch for the efficacy of Joes Juice also. It works amazingly well. Also when your aiptasia "vanishes" chances are that it didn't move. They can retract to very small sizes (hard to spot visually) check back in an hour or so and you should see it back at the exact same spot. Best advice I can give you if you're dead set on having a pair of clowns in this tank. Don't have more than 1 or 2 more _small_ fish (under 5cm maximum) And be prepared to rehome them in a bigger tank or give them up for adoption when the clowns get too big for this tank.
  23. Oh weird! I only checked the address, I didn't notice the graphical map was pointing in Yishun. lol
  24. No the bacteria will not be affected whether you pour the NSW or sand in first. Putting the sand in before the water is more for more practical reasons. If you put the water in before the sand you will likely be seeing some seriously cloudy water, and sand all over your LR (depending on how fine your sand is) Also more sand will end up in your sump or filtration if you put the sand in after the water, a lot of fine particles will be suspended in the water column. Put the eggcrate, fibreglass, LR etc, then the sand. Place a large plate or dish on the sand, then gently pour the NSW in over this plate. It will minimize the amount of cloudiness of your water, and will also reduce the amount of sand ending up in your filtration system.
  25. Agreed wavemakers can be very beneficial even in FOWLR setups for improved circulation and preventing the buildup of detritus. As a plus you will find that some of your fish will spend quite a lot of time playing in the current. You do want to ensure that your wavemaker is not too powerful for your tank though.
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