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  1. I would have concerns about 2 major things in this case. How well the system removes chlorine and other dissolved metals, and how much it will cost to replace the filters in the device. Carbon filters should be cheap, but if they use a proprietary cartridge, they will probably rip your face off on refills. At $1388 though, you're better off buying a Carbon/DI or an RO/DI system. An RO/DI system will cost less than half that, and Carbon/DI less than a quarter of that price. I'm willing to wager the cartridge refills will be cheaper per litre also. The 0.1 micron particulate filter is nice, but not really that important as far as water for a reef tank, you want it free of nitrates, phosphates, metals, chlorine. And I doubt its going to be cheap to run huge quantities of water through a 0.1 micron filtration process.
  2. And "Henry" is one of our Sponsors. Marine Life Hobbielist at Hong Leong Gardens Shopping centre (Clementi area, quite near to the famous Block 328 Ave 2) Edit: 178 Hong Leong Garden Shopping Centre West Coast Way Singapore 127086 Tel : 6777 4047 Fax : 6873 1178 Mobile : 9843 6032 Operating Hours: Mondays : 4pm - 8pm Tues - Sat : 12pm - 8pm Sundays : 1pm - 8pm Closed on the following Public Holidays : New Year, CNY, Labour Day, National Day & Christmas
  3. This is a really good price for such an important piece of equipment that most reefers don't own. Can't believe they're still available, I might just have to pick up a spare.
  4. saves you having to put in a piece of market prawn. You probably don't need to test for ammonia yet, its definitely there, let it cycle for 2 more weeks then test for Ammonia and Nitrites.
  5. I can't imagine how (in)efficient this must be. Camping them for more details!
  6. Oh and the good thing about petmart is if they don't have just the pump in stock, they will gladly just open a new box and remove the pump from there to sell you. Then replace it when the order arrives. They did this for me with a Prizm pro impeller, don't even need to ask, they will just automatically head to the storeroom and if there's stock will offer to do it for you if you don't mind not having the box/packaging that the pump alone would come with. Keep store receipt for warranty.
  7. I'd avoid zoos also. Maybe try leather, octo or frogspawn if you like the look?
  8. Hmm I have no idea, but the problem is it probably has multiple names that local store owners may not recognize. Best to bring one along, or at least bring a picture along. The reason I suggest lighting fixture stores instead of Kelantan lane is that they will most likely be more aware of the load capacity of these fixtures. You don't want to end up buying a piece of "China Best" cast fitting then have it give way..I shudder at the thought of an MH fixture dropping into a tank...
  9. You can also try one of the dozens of lighting fixture stores along Whampoa Rd, Most of them will probably do installation for a small fee also. Bring a picture to show them and they will probably have what you need in stock. It will be at a price premium over Kelantan Lane, but they will most likely have not just the cables but the fittings and the entire rigging kits also. I don't think you'll be able to find Beaver to snare in SIngapore though
  10. PetMart Blk 151 Serangoon North Ave 2, #01-79, Singapore 550151 Tel: 6289 6471 Fax: 6289 6584 Hours: 9am-9pm daily except Wednesdays They keep a wide variety of impellers and replacement parts in stock
  11. Hmmm bro you should never ever pour salt mix directly into your tank. The recommended method is to put the desired amount of DI/Distilled/Dechrolinated Tap water into a separate container, then add the salt mix to that container. A powerhead or wavemaker helps, but you can stir and mix up the salt manually also. Best if you can let it sit overnight or at least a few hours to see if any settling or sedimentation occurs, then fill the tank from there. Don't pour in the last bit of the fresh salt mix water if there are still particles in it, just toss it away.
  12. You can go to Bioplast System and Control in the Boon Keng Area for any chiller repairs/servicing. They're not the cheapest, but they can repair any type/model of chiller, and they do good work. PM me if you need their contact, they're very popular in the freshwater scene. If I recall correctly they do not charge any service/inspection charge also, so you can get a free estimate on price of repairs from them before you make the decision.
  13. Using an external thermostat is almost always better than relying on the built in thermostat. Mainly because the temperature you want to monitor is the tank temp and not so much the chiller reservoir temp, especially with longer tubing runs. You should still always aim to exceed the recommended flow rate of your chiller whenever possible or practical.
  14. I've not had the pleasure of tompanging with any of the bros here, but the freshwater guys over at AQ do it quite regularly. Usualyl begins by randomly stumbling into forum bros at LFS, then they will anyhow start chio people along to go visit other LFS, had quite a few amusing weekends that way, hehehe. Some became full day round the island tours almost. Starting at Bendemeer area, then to Thompson area before heading over to Clementi side. Looking forward to meeting more of you guys when I restart my tank next year.
  15. I smell a thermoelectric module cooler coming up Should work fine for a tank this size, but be sure your location has as low ambient temperature as possible. And be careful with those syringes, a very very light squeeze can easily result in a huge glob coming out of the syringe! Also, it is a good idea to store the 2 syringes in separate bags, mine have reacted after being stored in the same ziplock for too long. Storing it in the fridge is not a bad idea either.
  16. lol I couldn't agree more. The problem I had with sun coral is they don't like strong lighting. Which means they have to be located low in the the tank or in nooks and crannies where they are much more troublesome to target feed. So I ended up just targetting in their approximate direction and launching food sprays. My nitrate levels didn't spike tremendously, but I did only target feed them once every 3 - 4 days, the rest of the days just floating food towards them with the wavemaker. Beautiful coral, but it was just way too much work for me.
  17. wow bro upgrading already? I've seen this tank in person twice, its really quite nice!
  18. PM sent LMK if you're interested, if not I'll post a sale thread.
  19. The link "Singapore Reef Club" at the top left hand corner right beside "SGreefClub Portal" is broken.
  20. Clavularia sold and collected Yellow and black suns also given away. Mushrooms pending Thursday collection. Mandarins pending my being able to catch the sneaky little critters. Consider thread concluded for now, thanks for the interest everyone!
  21. Mushrooms all reserved for bro AhSiang Clavularia reserved for bro whiteice78 Mandarins reserved for bro Davidluvfishes Thanks for the great response guys, look out for my equipment clearance posting in the coming week! Ok reserved for you, drop me a PM or SMS with your contact? ready for collection whenever you are! If possible can bring your own pail / plastic bags? I don't think I have any big enough for the pieces. Thanks! reserved for you. will drop you a msg now. If possible can bring your own pail / plastic bags? I don't think I have any big enough for the pieces. Thanks for the kind words! I'm planning a shallow rimless tank, but probably not till after CNY.
  22. Hi guys, after much deliberation I've decided to decomm my JBJ 28G nano for now, and will be planning an upgrade at a later date. Livestock has to go first, I'll be listing up equipment later. All these coral have been with me for 6 months or more. They have been kept in a 28G Nano under a 150w Metal Halide, All my coral is from GO (aka Kim Sotong) except for the orange Yuma, bought from a bro here. Pictures were all taken less than 1 hour ago. First an FTS to give you an gauge of the size of the polyps (errr been neglecting it recently) All the mushrooms and yumas in the tank, selling as a lot you get the live rock they're attached to also! All yours for $50.00 Neon green Clavularia, this coral has almost doubled in size and become intensely green since I've had it, its larger than a large adult's palm size. Asking $20.00 As a bonus if you buy either or everything I will throw in some random zoos I have (not many polyps) Also if you want you can have some yellow and black sun coral that I neglected and isn't doing so well, should be able to nurse them back to health. And last but not least I have 2x Yellow Mandarin Dragonets which are free to a good home. I reserve the right to choose who to give these to, and would prefer a 3ft or larger tank with plenty of pods and LR and with non-aggressive tank mates for them. They have great personalities, but I have not managed to entirely wean them onto prepared foods. They will nibble on frozen / fresh bbs, but mainly still hunt the LR for pods. More info about these little guys here: http://www.bluezooaquatics.com/productDeta...=16&pid=669 ================================================================================ ======================================================== Can feel free to drop me a PM (preferred) or SMS me, with any questions or trade offers, I'm fairly flexible. eight one eight three, five zero one three. (I am usually asleep in the day due to work schedule, and as such may not reply your SMSes till late evening / night) Viewing with no obligation whatsoever can be arranged, but my asking price is already less than half of what I paid and thus is firm. FCFS on this, and would prefer not to be airplaned. Pickup location is in the Boon Keng Rd Area or can arrange to meet you at the following MRT stations after 9pm most nights for those who don't drive. (Boon Keng, Toa Payoh, Potong Pasir, Serangoon, Bishan) Edit/Delete Message
  23. You can try any of the Freshwater fish shops, ask for their finest grade of filter floss / wool. If the particulate is very _very_ fine and this method still doesn't clear the problem, you could use a flocculant like Seachem Clarity which will make the particles easier to filter out.
  24. bro, would probably be easier if you head down to AM or any LFS in the north and pick and choose. For nano and pico its very hard for people to offer small rocks. Also maybe you want to give your tank dimensions for reference?
  25. Good canister and a good price. I'm using this same model on one of my FW tanks. Any warranty remaining?
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