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  1. Done my parquet flooring just 4 ft away from my tank, nothing happen, everything ok!
  2. Bro, wanna sell ur redioactive green bird nest frags?
  3. Can coral chips bring down nitrate?
  4. Giant sells 1.5 L distill water for $0.65, the quality is good.
  5. Good day! Anyone here tried Grotech Balling method before? My Ca, Mg & KH are on the low side, now research for good and reliable brand, any recommendations? Thanks.
  6. Ya bros, already got one, it works well....
  7. Hi SM, my tank is 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft, and refugium is 24" x 11", do you think SM120 will be suitable for my system? Think of getting one set of your SM120, how much u sell?
  8. Or should I change a bigger FR so that I can pit more?
  9. Hi everyone, just to check how much bio pellets should I put for my 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft tank? Currently using a 100mm FR, and put roughly 500ml, nitrate lever at 16 to 18ppm.. Should I put more? Thank you.
  10. Hi Bro, r u still using the ATS for ur tank? Ur design was very impressive, think of having the same design for my 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft tank, can advise which acrylic maker to fabricate the frame works? Thank you!

  11. Hi SM, my tank is 5ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft, and I have an available sump of 24" x 11", then how many SM120 should I use? Prefer ur SM120'design, it can fit in just above my sump perfectly. Thanks.

  12. Hi bro, interested in ur algae turf scrubber, what's the price? My tank is 5ft, refugium is 280mm x 600mm, will ur scrubber fit in?and will it be efficient enough for my tank? Or u can custom made tint fit in my refugium tank? Thank you, u can either PM me or just SMS me at 96382799, thank you so much.

  13. Hi bro, interested to ur algae turf scrubber, how much u sell? My tank is 5ft, refugium tank is 280mm x 600mm, can it fit in? And will it be efficient enough for my 5ft tank? Thank you. U can SMS me at 96382799. Urgent to get one. Thank you!

  14. Dear all, want to buy radioactive green bird nest, either frag or whole colony, thank you.
  15. Dear bros and sis, need some feedback on Skimz SM252, is it good, efficient and reliable?
  16. Hi bro, can't post at ur bidding page, it says "the topic is locked", anyway, i'd like to bid ur sky blue zoos at $40, thx. :)

  17. Hi there, may I know how long it been using? Still in good condition? Cox no picture shown, And where to collect? Thanks

  18. Just bought it from Pet Mart, they sell $28.00 per bottle (500ml), whereby Aquamarin sells $30.50 per bottle.
  19. Thanks bro for the info, will see how it works,
  20. And will definitely update the price once I got the stuffs
  21. Thanks all the kind bros here, especially peacemaker I just called pet mart and THEY HAVE IT!!!! Thank you so much, will go there tomolo.. Between, has anyone here tried Grotech ABC before? Is it good?
  22. Thanks for the reply.. By the way, where is pet mart? Any contact? Thanks
  23. Hi bros & sis, Does anyone know where can I get the Grotech ABC in Singapore beside Aquamarin? I went to Aquamarin today and they are out of stocks now . Thank you!
  24. Raymondteo

    Beckett Skimmer

    Beckett Skimmer, suitable for tank up to 6ft.
  25. Raymondteo

    Beckett Skimmer

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