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    Selling said skimmer.

    Personally, the best HOB skimmer in the market. Able to pull out dark coloured gunk instead of tea like. Never had any nutrients export issues with this skimmer. From what i know, only a piece in Singapore. Ordered It personally via Reef Sytems. Skimmer comes with a high performance Italian made needlewheel skimmer pump, Sicce Syncra Shark 1.5.  Skimmer is less than 6 Months old. Brand New Inluding Freight will be around $330+-

    Letting it Go because total decommissioned. Selling it $250 Non Neg. Contact 82007four7zero for fast deal. Collection at Jurong West. Item is bulky. Reservation @ 50% deposit. Low baller stay away.

    Attached Is a 50% Deposit Invoice from Reef Systems with date


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