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  1. Hi lenenkie i read the thread and thot u r doing a test on dsb but u also add other nitrate export methods so u end up not knowing whether the dsb works or not. U have thot of gettinh nitrate up agsin and redo the testing?
  2. Not sure what is double sensitive method. Can explain?
  3. I started a post few days back abt my nitrate. Tested using salifert and api at the same time. Salifert 25 api 80
  4. Mine is also made by cra 4ft x 16" (height) × 18" Good workmanship and service and price reasonable
  5. U can buy the tlf reactor new at $80 + or 2nd hand at around $40 to run phosphate media. It works for me
  6. Read from many source that phosphate should not exceed 0.03 otherwise coral will not grow. O.5 is way too high i think
  7. Tks all for the advice. Both my salifert and api are new with exp 2016. I will probably just do water change and forget about testing for nitrate since i wont get a definite answer fro the test kits
  8. Hi everyone Im wondering if anyone has this problem as well. I use Salifert test kit and found nitrate quite high at 25 and afraid my prawn and snail may not tahan long. So i bought API just to double confirm. I nearly faint when i see the colour chart. Looks like 80 !!! So how do i know for sure whats the nitrate level in my tank?
  9. Tks Sanjay for your chaeto today. Hope your chaeto's better gene will stop mine from dying out...ha ha ha
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