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  1. I been purchased coral from different LFS and measure their dKH, It is not at reefer recommended value that it is above 8. My reading for LFS is at 6.5 to 7.5 dKH. Is anybody our there try this before and can explain the reason behind? I'm using Tetra dKH measurement kit. Thanks.
  2. hi, Want to buy cheato, still available? kindly pm me your contact. Thank
  3. hi bro can pm me. interest your chiller.
  4. Bro, is beckett still available? PM me.
  5. interest on item above. pm me pls. thanks.
  6. hi, care to share where to buy the TDS meter and how much is it ?
  7. hi want to buy cheato. can PM me please. meet at north. Thansk,
  8. Is the chiller still around ? pm me pls and self collect.
  9. Hi, PM me your chiller please. Thanks.
  10. interest on your T5 HO 24". PM me please or SMS 96959371. also chiller wanted
  11. Hi, Bro, What is the Dimension and how much you selling, Include delivery ?
  12. Chiller needed. do let me know if the offer turn down.
  13. Wah lau, i can't believe it. it is real ?..... come share with us how you can keep the coral pigment until so nice. What is your light/ water spec ?
  14. I measured my dorm fridge with watt meter. The fridge label is at max 75 Watt. i guess with original condition (wif thermostat), it will averagely consume 75 watt. Well, after modification, i guess the coil on 90% and my power wattage measurement shows that it is at 150 Watt. Still manageable range, happy with it. It is cool day now and i switch over to cooling fan, guess what, it is only consume 5W. Damp....
  15. I also hear from reborn that they are using fertilizer. Who have using this b4 ?
  16. Yap! ! ! done it. IMHO, Performance meet my requirement with 1 main tank 2X1.5x2 ft and a sump tank at 2 ft. So far at April ~ Jun, it can lower the tank temperature to about 28~29 Deg when room temp. is at 31~32 Deg. Well depend on how many motor/pump is running and don't expect to have good result. I have a tank that in 3 ftx1.5x2 but it can only drive down to about 1 deg from ambient temperature. Dorm fridge disadvantages: 1) You can't control the temperature. it is fluctuate coz no feedback system. 2) The termostate is always turn on due to desire temperature is not achieved. So the fridge is very hot always. It is at its highest drive mode. Here is the link and i do exactly the same (fridge as well) that they are doing. http://www.killies.com/forum/viewtopic.php...cf2c467cea91983
  17. Hi, All The test started on 6 Nov. Try to compare the grow in algae for varius type of water 1) RO, 2) RODI, 3) DI, 4) Tap water. RO from Water Shop. RODI from RODI equipment. DI from 2 system filter (~5 micron) Tap water direct from house tap. Make a guess: arrangement from most algae grow to least algae grow. For instance: 4 (most algae) -> 3 -> 1 - > 2 (least Algae).
  18. I have 1 IOS 3ft x 1.5ft x 2ft tall. 10 mm thickness. Interested ? PM
  19. hi, want to buy chiller page me at 96959371
  20. interest in the chiller can you pg me at 96959371. Thanks.
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