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  1. Letting go of my current fishes - yellow tang, purple tang, powder black, naso tang, one more tang forgot name and two abalone.
    WhatsApp me for the video at 8123 2772 if you are keen on the fishes.
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    Hello reefer, I have the following fishes to let go.
    Powder black, naso tang, small blue tang and one tang which will change from grey to black.

    If keen can text me at 8123 2772.

    No more purple and yellow tang.

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  2. Hey guys selling on behalf of my friend who is decoming. Prices are stated below:

    1) nuclear death $30

    2) radioactive dragon eye $20

    3) mixed Zoas ( Sakura sunrise, radioactive dragon eye, vampire in drag, no id Taiwan Zoas) $65

    4) orange rhodactis $80

    5) luminous green star polyp ( not the normal gsp)

    A-C $10

    D-F $15

    G-L $25


    You may contact me at 8123 2772.





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