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  1. Hi all, can’t seem to find much reviews on this “skimless” tank setup. If anyone here is using this setup, it would be great if you can give some inputs on the long term maintenance costs and the pros and cons of this system. All inputs are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Nice and neat set up bro. Just started my nano too. Camping here to learn more.
  3. Some updates and pics. Going to be a summary so as not to bore all of U. Test readings for the past 2 weeks has been pretty stable. Salinity 1.025 Ammonia 0 Nitrate <25ppm PH 8.5 One pecular clown fish died. It’s was apparently dragged into the small hole by something with long and hairy bristles. After which I took out all my live rocks and Changed to Carib (fake rocks). While they are being bleached by a aquarium shop for a fee. After I changed, the skimmer keep overflowing. Had to open the cover. Now it’s back to normal. Its just a few weeks bu
  4. Thanks bro. I actually killed a few. Oops lol what about the first pic. Much smaller one. Thanks
  5. Hi all. Need help to ID. Is this a pest? And it seems like I have a cockle on a rock is it even possible? Lol
  6. Thanks bro. Will do some research on your recommendations. Saved me lots of time trying to go through the tons of info.
  7. The more I research, the more I regretted not doing more research before choosing where to buy my first tank. Trying to learn as much and decided not to patronize the shop after my cover is changed (slight crack). Added a few more “cured” rocks from Iwarna and they look clean, and definitely no funny smell. Now I recall, the initial ones I bought, felt slimy and had a pretty strong smell. Seen quite a bit of snails crawling out and even spotted a crab. After almost a week, they look much cleaner even when I didn’t do any scrubbing at all. The slime seems gone. 1. The shop reco
  8. Hi all, I think I overpaid for a bag or activated carbon in a cloth bag and some anophos remover in a bag. (Was sold for $50. Dang). Should I buy my own and put in the bag myself or are those 3 in 1 filter elements useful? The 3-1 removes ammonia too. Any good and reliable test kits to recommend? Good meaning easy to use. Thanks!
  9. That’s good advice. Let me find a magnifying glass. Lol
  10. Thanks for the compliment and great article. Will go try it!
  11. Hi all, seems like there’s quite a fair bit of slugs/snails with shells coming out of the live rocks. The LFS recommends removing them. Tried removing a few but some are very small and hard to reach. Should I leave them alone? Afraid of infestations. Previously happened to my freshwater tank and it’s a night mare. Or should I intro a fish to get rid of them. Any recommendations? Thanks
  12. Added some more rocks. The long wait of cycling..... Another newbie question. Does it make any difference on the light settings? More blue or white. Personally I prefer more white and not too strong. Lest it makes my eyes very tired.
  13. Any corals to recommend? Specific types that can go without chiller? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the advice. I’m a bit sceptical about the claims by the shop owner that my place is not too warm and and don’t need any chiller.
  15. Thank you for guiding me hat to look out for. Will save me lots of time.
  16. Thanks for the the prompt reply and advice. May I ask what’s BTA?
  17. Thanks for the prompt reply and valuable advice. Sorry, may I ask what’s lps. Actually I can’t really tell if they are pests. Too small and look alike. Trying to google Is it safe to add shrimp and watchman goby and clownfish first? Supposedly they are termed as “cleaning crew” by the aquarium.
  18. Hi all, impulse buy without doing my homework. Have some experience in freshwater tanks but new to marine. Deifinitely need lots of advice from the seniors here. Lol. To cut the story short. Bought a Reefmax 60 tank. Chose to set up myself instead of paying $500. Tank has been set up for 3 days and adding all the additives. Live rocks has been added. Realized there are a few snails/slugs coming out and even a tiny crab. A few questions. 1. When water level is low. Should I top up with filtered water or pre-mixed salt water. Something that puzzles me. Cos the water evaporate b
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