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  1. I have a 50gal mixed reef tank. So far I was doing manual dosing using ReefMax additives kit. But now I thought of moving to automated dosing.


    My plan is to use Red Sea liquid additives for dosing using two Jebao DP 3.4 WiFi 4 channel devices.


    Before going ahead with the changes I would like to welcome any expert advices, so please share your thoughts on this.





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  2. Hi Kusala
    i am using Caribsea live sand
    using IOS sump, foam and bio media
    using a skimmer as well

    Ok. Caribsea live sand must be Aragonite sand. That is good and in long term it will help to stabilise the pH and build nitrifying bacteria colonies.

    Also you can add coral chip size 15 or 20 to your sump. It will help to hold both KH and pH at the higher end.

    Don’t worry it will become stable soon. Once the pH reaches 7.6 add the cleaning crew (some snails and hermit/emerald crab)

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