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  1. Hi all, looking for any type of large angelfish as long as it is eating Preferably able to deliver or at least east area
  2. Anyone looking to throwaway their excess chaeto? Preferably pasir ris area
  3. Hi all looking for any anemone as long as the price is right. Please pm if you are selling it
  4. Hi all, looking for any large tangs, so long as its disease-free or at least been QTed before. Pm me if youre selling it. Thanks
  5. Hi looking for queen angelfish. Pls pm price and size if you have it, thanks
  6. Once QT and making sure its disease-free, is there a chance of the fish developing diseases by itself? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Hi, for ich will it be obvious? Im paranoid as ive gotten a PBT and so far i dont see any white spot, hes only eating normally but likes to hide in the rockscape. Im super paranoid that it will develop an ich Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. Hi all, Just curious, do you QT all the fish you buy from LFS? Have there been any bad experience buying fish from LFS? Example, marine ich or velvet disease
  9. Just curious, do I turn off the lights completely at night or leave the blue LED on?
  10. Hi all may I know what chiller will be suitable for 6ft tank? Other than compressor chiller
  11. Hi may I know whats the size of your hole and whats your chiller model? I too have space constraint but worried that if I put it inside my cabinet the chiller will not work.
  12. Is it ok if I use tap water at the start? Then eventually use rodi water for water change and top up?
  13. Hi another question, any idea where to get the top cover that prevent fish from jumping out? Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Hey thanks for the info! Last question, whenever i view my tank from the side it looks greenish. It is not algae problem as when i scoop some of it using a clear bowl it is crystal clear. It only looks greenish from sideview. When viewed from the front, the led light overtakes it. Is it due to my glass? Im not too sure about the glass as i got it secondhand from another reefer months ago and i did not ask him about this. I have tried cleaning the glass off but nothing changes. At this point im thinking of adding a t5 lights to brighten the tank. Thanks!
  15. Hi i may sound hijacking this thread but i have exactly the same situation as OP, so rather than starting new i might as well ask here. My question is for temperature, whats the range i should aim for? My current running empty tank is about 78-82 F, never go any higher than 82 Should i get a compressor chiller? Ive heard that for fowlr temp can go as high as 85F? Also whats the difference between exposed UV light and coralife UV light? What i meant by exposed is the UV light just put onto your sump Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
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