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  1. Hey everyone,

    I wanted to share some heartwarming feedback I received from a fellow reefer recently. He mentioned that the Seafood Blend has played a crucial role in his fish's recovery. Knowing that I'm making a positive impact in the reefer community by ensuring our fishes are healthy fills me with joy and gratitude.

    Stocks of the Seafood Blend are still available!
    Drop me a message if you're keen or you can find me on Telegram Reza San.
    Collection: Punggol



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  2. I've just whipped up a batch of premium fish food, crafted from a blend of the freshest seafood, including prawns, live clams, salmon, silverside fish, nori, mysis shrimp, and a generous amount of Selcon.

    • Made from fresh seafood
    • Nutritious blend for your fish
    • Ideal for finicky eaters
    • Packed with essential nutrients

    Price: $10 per pack (approximately 100g)

    Location: Punggol
    Can deliver to you if we're nearby.

    Drop me a message if you're interested. Limited stocks available.

    IMG_20240218_135703.jpg.6a0459d38b362c790a70ff9ae422cf26.jpg IMG_20240218_142506.jpg.fbeee25b36ed464407a0ec0bcebdf580.jpg IMG_20240219_160943.jpg.f13fd85345c6ce2cd99a522f2f780f6b.jpg

    View the attached video for a sneak peek of the happy fishes enjoying the feast!


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  3. Hello I'm clearing these:


    1. Blue Tang - Roughly 12cm ish

    Reason for selling - My 3 tangs doesnt fancy him


    2. ATI Dimmable 2ft with Orphek Mount LED






    3. 2 x C02 3litre tank




    4. Intense solenoid




    5. Weipro PH Controller




    Let me know if you are interested.

    We can work out a good price.


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  4. Selling off Skimz DCL-4 Dosing Container for $50.

    A space-saving dosing liquid container designed to enhance reefing experience that connects seamlessly to dosing pump, allowing you to automate the addition of essential additives and maintain stable water parameters. 

    Can easily dose calcium, magnesium, alkalinity, and another spare compartment for supplement, ensuring the optimal health of your corals.

    Size: 21.5cm x 15cm x 30cm

    Location: Punggol


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