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  1. image.jpeg.7c99fa50f6553f4592ae01f7b6711bf8.jpeg

    Left: Rainbow incinerator $40, Right: Emerald on fire $35


    Left: Exosphere $70, Right: Supernova $25


    Top: Tyree Rasta $15, Bottom: Scrambled Egg FOC w any purchase


    Captain Jerk Paly: $25


    Not in photo: 

    Tutti Frutti: FOC w any purchase

    Bambam orange: FOC w any purchase


    Collection 642665, or at Clementi MRT. PM for my tele, thanks!


  2. Have the following zoas and monti frags to let go. Collection at my place near Boon Lay MRT or around Tiong Bahru MRT area on certain weekday evenings (around 7pm). 

    Prices and names all stated in the pictures, WYSIWYG.

    Best to telegram me at mlyj21 for faster response

    Not pictured:

    Sunny D zoa 1 polyp $15

    Vamp Slayer 1 polyp $10





  3. Have a bunch of saltwater mollies about 1-1.5 inch fully acclimated to saltwater for about 2 weeks now. Want to clear some of them as I don’t need that many pieces.


    $1 each, 4 for $3.


    Collection only from my place at boonlay/ Jurong West. Pm or tele at mlyj21 for quicker response.



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  4. Have the following frags for sale. Prices between $10-$25. WYSIWYG.

    Collection at Boon Lay.

    Can deliver to Clementi/Tiong Bahru MRT on certain weekdays, or reserve only with partial deposit.

    Frags of red hornet, alien antivenom, rasta, tyree rasta, fruit loops, tequila sunrise available.

    PM or tele mlyj21 for more info. Best to contact me on tele as I do not check this forum often. 

    IMG_5996 2.jpg

  5. Clearing all the corals pictured below:


    Mushrooms going for $10 for the darker red ones w blue spots, also have a rock full of smaller polyps of them for $30. $15 for the bright red ones, at least 2 inches across when fully expanded. Take all above for $60. 


    Vamp Slayers $20 image.jpeg.da092bee7627885acc55a13fe7d72e3f.jpeg

    Red Hornets $20


    Tyree Rasta: $25 for the left piece, $20 for the right piece. Also have a 2 polyp frag for $15


    Tequila Sunrise: $15 

    Take all 4 kinds of zoas for $65



    Orange Setosa $10

    Lime Green Monti Cap $10, also have a larger piece for $20 if anyone is interested


    Red/Pink Monti Palawanensis (not too sure the ID) $5-15 depending on size


    Will throw in FOC FF or blue digitata corals w any purchase upon request

    Deal at boonlay/clementi/tiongbahru

    tele mlyj21 for faster response

  6. Selling my small, approx 2.5 inches tomini tang to make way for other fish. Has been with me for about 4 months, feeding on pellets/seaweed/frozen.

    $30, collection in boon lay

    PM or tele mlyj21 to deal. Won't be checking the replies to the post often so tele would be best, thanks!


  7. Clearing my frag rack:

    1. Aphrodite zoa $15


    2. Cherry bomb / red ked zoa $15


    3. Tequila Sunrise $10


    4. Red hornet zoa $15


    5. Rainbow hornet zoa $20


    6. Fruit loops zoa $15


    Take all 6 zoas for $80

    Lumi red shrooms at least 2 inches across $15 each, blue spotted shrooms about 50 cent coin size $10 each


    Collection in boonlay/ tiongbahru (certain days only)

    PM or tele mlyj21 to deal, thanks

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