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  1. Looking to trade my 3 mollies acclimated to saltwater. 2 male black balloon mollies and 1 female orange Molly. Fishes have been with me for about half a year, all stable and feeding well. Will nip at algae.


    Swap for 1.5L hundred plus zero sugar


    Collection in boonlay


    Tele mlyj21 for faster response


    Apologies if pictures are not clear





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  2. Selling some loose frags of setosa that have been chipped off the rock. Medium sized piece on the top left is about 4cm across going for $15, 2 smaller pieces in the bottom right for $10 each. Biggest piece is the mother colony, not for sale.


    Also have small frag of 2 polyps purple death paly going for $7. Might have one or 2 baby polyps underneath.


    Take all for $40, self collect in boonlay.


    Telegram @ mlyj21 for faster replyIMG_3426.JPG






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  3. Hi all,
    Selling some of my extra soft corals.
    All of them are on small pieces of rock, size about 2-3 inches.
    In order of the pictures:
    A: GSP + 2 polyp RPE zoas $15
    B: GSP + 3 S size lumi red Discosoma mushroom $12
    C: GSP + 1 S size lumi red Discosoma mushroom $10
    D: GSP $5
    E: GSP + L and S size red and blue specks Discosoma mushroom $15
    F: Mini red mushroom colony (about 6 polyps at least) $15
    G: XXXL red Discosoma mushroom (about 4 inches fully expanded!) $20
    Deal at Jurong / boonlay, other west locations negotiable
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