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  1. Hey all, have seen a lot of reefers on this platform having a lot of success with keeping Pulsing Xenia. Have been keeping other soft corals and zoas and even some LPS like hammers in my 32gal, but so far I haven't had any success with this seemingly "beginner" coral. Anyone has any advice on how to keep them? My tank parameters are as follows:

    salinity: 1.026

    nitrate: 25 ppm

    phosphate: 0.1 ppm

    pH: 8.15

    alkalinity: 7.0 dkh

    calcium: 415 ppm

    I understand that my nitrate level may be a little high for my reef tank, and the alkalinity could also be higher for the corals. I do 10% water changes weekly and I am using a HOB skimmer and filter. With my current experience with xenia, they just stop pulsing and after a few weeks they start shrinking and melting. Is there any specific parameter I am missing out on? I have heard that I need to look at my magnesium levels and should I dose trace elements? Thanks in advance and if anyone in the west has any spare frags for me to try again, i would gladly appreciate it :lol:


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