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  1. I agree with tineng. Sea slugs like these can have very specialised and specific diets, which can consist of only a few or even one particular species of sponge/corals/etc. Well since u already have it at home, good luck. kepp us posted if it's growing.
  2. Wat size are the Yellow tangs may i ask? Looking for med large size one leh... abt 4-5" Coz got a rather big sailfin and a PT... Anyway, since i'm on this, an sohal sightings?
  3. I'll chip in. Erm... I want an I-phone! SO.. i can take nice pictures of my wonderful tank everywhere i go. HAHA! Thats related rite?
  4. Am looking for sohal and cleaner shrimps... the shrimps are Always ard when i am not interested...
  5. Looking for neon gobies and skunk cleaner shrimps. Anyone seen any of those around?
  6. My 4 pratas displayed the same thing b4 they all go bye bye one by one... two of which ive kept for almost 2 yrs. They start by shrinking, then receeding one side... then the whole coral flesh is just reduced to the central mouth disc. No expansion of the 'mantle'. After that just die off... Change of water ditto, tests ditto... nothing seemed to be wrong. Then start to be suspicous of my Yellow tang.... Its not uncommon for normally peaceful fishes to suddenly turn their attention to corals... Esp under fed greedy S.O.B.s like tangs.
  7. Looking nice. Your rockscape Kind of reminded me of the time when i started my tank.
  8. Hand carry definately cannot. unless you wanna get chase down the plane by the people there... Try your luggages la. The best bet. AS mentioned, no restrictions on check in luggages... Good luck bro. If can help me buy some nice fishes back too haha!
  9. Hi Terryz, Yah can handcarry... but in less then 100ml of water la. And it applys to all flights long and short. well... The cargo area in the plane dont have temp control. And it gets abt -20 way up there... and if you r caught, via scans, random checks etc, u r again subjected to animal rights laws...
  10. Ok guys. Just got a call from AVA. They said that the 5L 30 pieces of live fishes thing is no longer applicable. Since the 100ml rule. If u can keep yur pets in 100ml of water then well... good for u. The AVA rule now only conforms to land and sea travels.
  11. I did ask to put the fishes in my luggage and check it into cargo. But the lady at the check out counter said no, its too cold or something like that, but then where by my brain is just switched off. Man! Anyways, i emailed AVA about the contradiction thing. If they make amendments. I'll put it here when they get back to me. MY POOR FISHES DIED IN VAIN! The funny thing is... why 100ml of water? I think i missed the part where the world's geniuses decided that if someone carried 200ml container of water will put the whole plane in danger compared to some who has like ten 100ml bottles of liquid.
  12. The lady at the check in counter just took it from me. Wa lau... was so damn angry at that time. Had bought a couple of chalk bass and an yellow tail angelfish... WAT A WASTE!!!!! http://www.amonline.net.au/fishes/fishfact.../cmeredithi.htm
  13. Just came back from HK, Visited the gold fish street there. Alot of marine fish shops, tons of impressive corals and alot of fishes seldom seen in sg. Cant halp it, bought a few thinkin i could get by the airport. But.. Haiz... They told me that because fishes r in water... so unless the bag contains less then 100ml then they'll let me bring it on board. But the info i got from the AVA website said its ok leh... waste my Effort of carry two bags of fish ard hk...
  14. Wow... beautiful pictures... esp loved those with the blue ring octopus. HAHA! Living on the edge indeed!
  15. Man! I missed it... over slept.... Tot it close at 10pm... but when i reached at 7pm....
  16. Prob the fish hasnt been feeding well for some time... color loss happens. Try those color enhancing fish foods like cycopleze, seaweed and the 'formula1-2' pellets. Give it time, ard 1 - 2 mths the colors should be back.
  17. Contact me at 96695320 most of the rocks bigger then fist size... If nothing to trade then u guys can have them for free. Do bring own containers. Pls collect today b4 1830 or after 2300
  18. Just did a rescape of my tank. Came up with around 20kg of rocks. Best if theres something to trade with like corals.. Self collect at jalan tenaga. Msg me for details. Thanks. Travor
  19. Travy

    Green BTA

    Forgot to add. Collect my place. SUnday night 17/09 Bedok reservoir road, Jln tenaga. 96695320
  20. Travy

    Green BTA

    I have a new item to give away. A green BTA abt 6-7" when fully extend... Send PM if interested. :: Thanks for those who replied to my previous post regarding the cheatos. ALl collected.::
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