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  1. Hey thanks for all the tips!!! But i Guess RO and DY might be abit out of my range for now... Been having it for 2mnths plus, a couple of day ago NO3 juz shot up like crazy over a few days. Couldnt find out whats worng. Been changing water everyday for the past 4 days and now its back to normal. Was looking at additives that i can put into my filter to remove nirtate, i wonder if they work... Well yeah i hav live rocks, bought a decorative marco algae (the one that looks like bunches of small grapes) Was doing well till my yellow tang decide to have it for dinner.... Using a venturi driven protein skimmer with max cap. at 600L. Guess thats pretty good for a 2ft tank. needs to top up trace twice aweek man..
  2. RO/DY water? WHats that? Have a protein skimmer, pretty effective i guess, kinda big for my 2 feet though, but working well.
  3. Travy

    LR to swop.

    Have a large piece of live rock, feel that its kinda big for my tank... About 4.5kg Hoping to swop with something... anything really. See what you've got.
  4. Hey Guys and gals. Care to share some tips u all might have to help control NO3? Resin nirate remover etc etc... need some advice. Mine seems to be building up rather fast despite the weekly change of 20% Trying to keep it at zero.
  5. MY GOD!!!! You Guys are MEan MAN!!!! Well think of it this way, will need to buy a moray eel to eat it... OR Put in a lion fish, and see it eating up the blue damsel, And all the other bite size fishes in my tank... hmmm tough choice huh
  6. Sea apples are sea cucumbers, but they are filter feeders. Not really good for Substrate cleaning lah. I have a pair of blue face gobies. Hard working too, keep the sand loose and full of cahrater. They follow each other ard the tank all the time.
  7. Have a electric blue damsel in my tank. Quite a bully leh... Even my straw berry basslet is afraid of it.... Thinkin of giving it away... Any other recommendations? It does have alot of character though... kinda cute really. haha!
  8. GEEEZZ!!!! They dont seemed to be peelin off now... I placed them at the bottom half of the tank. Those 'detached' ones are also starting to stick on the the more shaded areas.... PHEW!!! THANKS ALOT GUYS!!!!! Hey by the way, any of u guys tried and using nitrate remover? Does it work? Where to put it? what kinds avaliable? How much? What brand... etc etc etc... ""Hmmm maybe i should post this on a new thread?..""
  9. MY four line died too... It just disappeared one day and i cant find it till about a weeklater. Can only regconise it thru a roughly fish skull shaped debris at the bottom of the tank!!! I think that crab i saw on my living rock killed it.... 1" crab to a 2" fish? Unlikely u might say, but there is no other better reason i can think of....
  10. Me just bought one taday at pasir ris for 3bucks! HAHA! Crimson red in color very nice. When i introduce it to the tank it didnt hide at all, it juz swam to the tallest structure "my algae rock" and juz fixed there the whole day... Looks nice, broke one of its legs on the way back though. haha! Sad man.... gonna feed it brine shrimp. thats what recommendate by the uncle who sold it to me. haha
  11. The water parameters seemed fine when i tested it. Sanity, Ph and NO3... I placed the mushrooms near a direct current, a place where it gets lotsa light. Man... its freakin me out, a few start to 'leave' their home again... But had relocated it to a more shady and less water flow location in the tank. But will it be good if i place the rock on the sand instead? They got no where to drop to mah. haha I scared they drop and swept str8 into teh anemone ah... scary...
  12. ARGH!!! The mushroom colony i bought is behaving strangely after one week. A few of them suddenly decided to detach themselves and drop onto the sand! Is there a concern for that? Hope its normal man...
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