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  1. Recently my powder blue tang had aquired this nasty habit... Ripping apart my zoos colony. Polyps and pieces of polyps is flying ard my tank man. And the fish is even strong enuf to topple a few of the larger colonies i place on the rocks. I tot Zoos are like poisonous?! How come the PBT seemed to like chewing at it so much? Anyone have similar problem? Heard of tangs attacking pratas and other LPS.. but its kinda weird that mine left them alone and home in on those darn zoos.
  2. I am still in love with yur LPS man... Esp the two favias and that big BIG brain of yurs... MMmmm...
  3. You have a very nice collection of pratas bro.
  4. NO Digi cam leh... But some how doesnt look as pink liao... more grey ler... Also bought a true octo from iwarna on that day, Swee... Then after saw at ah beng... asked for the price... Lets just say i am damn glad i bought it first!
  5. Woah... HAHA! Put m name there, tot i got a new thread. Eh yur PT very swee leh... Why not try to stack up yur rocks? Higher structure ma, so some areas can be closer to the light for more light demanding corals. Yasha... Yasha....
  6. Er... so nice... make me wanna get too... But lay chey la... need to feed... then sure food kanna solen by shrimps one.
  7. I believe that they do have a chance of schooling... -Provided that u provide them with a huge tank. A 6X2 i believe is still not enuff,PBT are rather big schooling fishes. Guess you'll need at least a 6X4? To effectively imitate the openess of their natural environment enuff to make them school. -3-5 fishes aint gonna cut it.... I stand with muah chee. At least 10 fishes and above. They school in nature more for safety reasons actually. More pairs of eyes to look out from predators from all round. Since they are always busy on the look out for danger, their territorial nature in supressed. Read/seen it somewhere but forgotten. It does make sense. Sacrificing Individual territories for survival.
  8. The above batfish can a pain in the A** to start feeding. Try mussels or clams in half shells, cross yur fingers and prey they work. If not have u tried live foods? Seldom does newly aquired fishes take to pellets la. Unless you are damn lucky... Try to read up on wat they feed in nature helps. Good luck bro.
  9. I think its a brittle star! Woah the color quite unique. Normally theyre brown or greenish brown.
  10. I got the habit too... Dunno leh... Dont look at 'him' then look at where? Nothing really interesting when yur facing the wall... and CANT possibly look at others... So just look at myself... see if its any difference from the last time i seen him... check for abnormalities... And stuff... HAHA!
  11. Woah bro, Yur tank too many sun corals liao... not nice la... i help u take away some... I agree to remove the live rocks. What i did for my QT is that i puta few sections of 4" PVC pipes into it. For the fishes la. Let they hide in it. They wont feel that stress and tends to recover faster. From my observation.
  12. LOng Nose for 13 i think. Still a number of orchid dottybacks and a few sunrise. Purple tangs have a quite a few, Addis Butterfly, Alot of fairy wrasse and a Beautiful sohal in the blue tub. Oh and when yur there, chck out the pretty pencil wrasse in their display tank. SWEE.
  13. These are dispars. I have them too. Male/female... dunno... wanna know too.
  14. Yap thats true. My dispars used to hide like crazy in my QT. But when introduced to the main tank where theres a grp of chromis, they just shoal together out in the open. Give yur tang some time la. Good that its at least eating something.
  15. Nice pruple mushies... Can ask where did u get the prata? Orange ah?
  16. Wow. Didnt know u have a octopus too! EH yur rock scape almost same as mine leh... Good looking corals. Nice...
  17. I want my neon goby and Royal gramma leh... Why they aint breeding ah?
  18. Sorry bro sotong. so far two bunches some one want liao. I'll let u know if they backed out. Sorry for the other guys who shown interest. Will be trimming again in a mth or so. so keep yur eyes peeled.
  19. Thinkin of getting more anthias... Prob less aggressive species... ANyone has any recommendations?
  20. TIme to trim... Have two bunches of cheato algae, about the size of a fist. Good as starter. Self collect at bedok reservoir road. Prefer on coming sunday. Cheers P/s: Not for sale. Just take if u can come to collect.
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