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  1. DAY 10 Paraguay vs Slovakia 1-0 Italy vs New Zealand 1-0 Brazil vs Ivory Coast 1-0
  2. Hi Thomas, The super suns are opening under ambiance light. Wonderful specimen. Thanks for all the frags, mate! Wonderful tank, a pity you gonna tear it down.
  3. I wanted to, but i really do not understand what you guys doing......
  4. No lar, bro.... I googled base on your hints I am looking forward to add a pair in my tank this weekend. Anyone see any nice selections in any LFS? I find the test kits too troublesome..... lol..... I only have a pH monitor and kH testkit, a calcium test kit but since I have nothing that leech calcium in huge amount, I am not testing it yet. Have to get other test kit......
  5. WAH!!! what happened? I go one holiday come back, I can't understand what's you guys posting liao.... lol OKOK, Just make it even more simpler, 1-0 all the way to final!
  6. looking for Geometric Pygmy Hawkfish. Anyone saw any good selection anywhere?
  7. 1) kikobananas (Bishan) 2) Stevenkoh08 (Woodlands) 3) Ketchup (AMK) 4) Desideria (AMK) 5) kimkim (Woodlands) 6) bugattilambo(serangoon North) 7) Greywolf (Seletar) 8) vt_snowman87 (Woodlands) 9) Daryl Tsc (Sembawang) 10) Goondoo (AMK) 11) Poomoon (AMK) 12) new_new (Woodlands) 13) Richie13 (Woodlands) 14) ogykogy (Woodlands) 15) yongshun (AMK) 16) sanjaypills55 (Yishun) 17) Greencloud (Amk) 18) beast13 (Yishun) 19) clee123 (YCK) 20)andyteh(AMK) 21) nuj244 (Sembawang) 22) cfoh (Woodlands) 23) Angel Fish (AMK) 24) sun2000(AMK) 25) udayavani (woodlands)
  8. wah... sianz.... not even 1.... OKOK, I predict all games 1-0 until Sat game. Help me track please ... Going airport liao....
  9. I see... I noticed I got 3 reputation and I wonder where they come from.... lol
  10. Just to make it simple for me, can I bet all the matches from today to Saturday 1-0?
  11. Congrats! OT a bit, what does +1 means?
  12. I had been shamelessly studying for the pass 17 years. From Part time 'N', 'O', NTC-2, Diploma in IT, various IT certificates like A+, MCP, MCSE etc, then got a scholarship to do a Diploma in Marketing from PAYM... Change my career 2 years ago to Workplace Safety and Health and studying everything from scratch again... lol... a bit tired liao.... Exam it not the tough part as my logic understanding is reasonably good. Assignment is tough as most of the stuff are imaginative and logic is the marker's privilege. Just submitted my last assignment for my Specialist Diploma in Workplace Safety and Health. Anyone working in IT sector need a Safety Officer? lol
  13. I coming to 40 liao lo.... lol... Now only take work related course. Just finished a Specialist Diploma, and still considering if I should take bachelor at my age.... struggling like hell with the Specialist Dip already, really no confident to do a bachelor. Thanks I just learnt more tonight.
  14. It was only 3 days since I last clean my scrubber, today harvested even more brown algae. Motivation is I saw about 2mm (sq) speck of green algae .... Hope to see green pasture this weekend... keke... Put some coral food (bottled micro algae? introduced by bro stevenkoh), some Iwarna Top Up (dunno how much to add.... just pour in about a cup...lol) and feed some henry's gourmet. Clown fish went crazy, even my newly acquired dart fish start eating after barely 15 minutes of introduction into my tank, good stuff. Also bought another cleaner shrimp to pair up the existing one. But they don't seems to want to communicate, maybe language barrier... lol... SeaLife told me those cost a green note is from Indon, while his is from somewhere else (sorry, can't remember where ), was rushing home to meet Bro MarineDreamer... Hope he enjoy his new toy Spent about 2 hours acclimatise the new immates. Everything looks good today, except the orange leather still doesn't look like its growing very well. The flow looks perfect after adding the second Tunze wavemaker Bro sold me cheaply because he lost the rear magnet. He also gave me a free Tunze magnet cleaner (he was using the magnets to hold the wave maker). All for $45! I found out that the extreme strong magnet extracted from my faulty harddisk was able to hold the WM. Now I got a free Tunze magnetic cleaner Packing up for holidays! YEAH!
  15. What does full parameter checks include? You guys do the checks yourself or send samples to laboratory?
  16. Thank you very much LemonLemon, I guess those are sufficient for me to digest. All these while, I thought it was the coral that photosynthesize, so I thought they will take in nutrients like NPK, but I keep reading that corals bleached due to high NO3 or PO4 and also wondering why people keep saying K will kill corals since these are fundamental or food for the photosynthesis process. I guess the next topic I will move in is chemical dosages and measurements. Will start a more detail read up after my holidays Many thanks again!
  17. Cool, I got a few balloon sticks now.... in fact I already connected 2 together to feed my anemones on sand bed and tank pretty deep....
  18. For my understanding, The algae (zoonxanthellae) take in light, CO2 and necessary nutrients from the water column to make food aka photosynthesize (end product: O2 and sugar). The end product will be consumed by the coral which house them. The output by the corals after consuming these end product will be CO2 and waste. Am I right to say that?
  19. SeaLife have quite a number....
  20. lol, nvm lar, i any how guess also.... Good luck to you guys winning the secret photos!
  21. Don't worry lar, I lugi liao, i no internet access and not in SG next few days.... YEAH! HOLIDAY!!!! HERE I COME!!!!!
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