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  1. Won't be getting a harem probably. A pair would be just nice
  2. Sounds good, where is a good place with more collection of the above? Thanks
  3. Netherlands 2 Denmark 1 Japan 1 Cameroon 1 Italy 1 Paraguay 0
  4. Hahaha.... must be an interest sight when they finally finish burrowing and the "house" collapse immediately.
  5. As mention by bro binosage, do not worry about the bacteria and coraline algaes, they will colonised as your tank mature (ideal parameters, of course). If you are new to this hobby without prior experience, please let your tank go through the full ANN cycle like LemonLemon had always preached . Take the waiting time to plan and read up what you want and have in mind. Scaping dead rocks does have its advantages, you can take your time stacking them outside your tank, epoxy them before placing them in your tank. Live rocks users seldom have that kind of luxury. Just be patience or be very rich
  6. Depending on your intention of getting the "live rocks". Some get live rocks for the establish colonies of bacterias, some for Coraline algae etc. Its OK to add "dead rocks" to your tank if these are not your objectives. But you would probably need to do a complete ANN cycle during the start up. Your live rocks cannot stay alive too long without "food" either. Wash them if you like the rocks. I usually use vinegar + water combination to soak it for a day, brush them, then soak in soda + water combination for another few to get rid of the vinegar smell.
  7. Good rock placement! Created a very nice depth.
  8. That's what I am worry about. Thanks Its not a common practice to add fishes in pair in marine huh? That look very nice. May get a pair too.... lol
  9. Sounds good, royal gramma is definitely a much better choice. I will get a pair along with a pair of Firefish after my holiday. Thanks for the great recommendation. Maybe I should consider some butterflies before tang and angels. Thanks again LemonLemon!
  10. For territorial fishes, is it advisable to add them together or species by species? I am considering 1) Tangs (probably PBT) 2) Bicolor Dottyback 3) Flame Angel Does this fishes comes in pair? Many thanks!
  11. Just added another Tunze 6025 wave maker on the right side. Aesthetically looks horrible with the extra wave maker and cable, but the flow has tremendously improved, which is more important. Would have complete all the hardware I had planned for now.
  12. Got most what I want... Please close this thread
  13. ewww.... look so horrible Yes, I'm only sour....
  14. Is it possible to have a thread of all the dyed live stocks with pictures? I despise them, but being new in this hobby, I can't really tell. Once we are able to tell, we maybe able to contribute by posting pictures and location found. I got a bad feeling my bubble anemone is dyed, its been hiding for the pass 2 weeks without food.
  15. Slovenia vs Algeria (this 1 really donno.... lol) 0-0 Serbia vs Ghana 1-0 Germany vs Australia 1-0
  16. OK, bro... just pity the fishes... Thanks for your reply.
  17. Are you still going down there later?
  18. Thanks bro, you should have seen stevenkoh's dual. Its more of a plantation....
  19. My scrubber after 1 week of operation. Full combination of green and brown slime algae. Cleaning it soon, but so one to help take video
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