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  1. me using those replacement blades for pen knifes.. and using them to scrape the tank.. cost me like 90cents for 5 blades.. cheap.. only prob is that u have to hold the blade when cleaning the tank... sigh..
  2. wah.. very chio leh.. me thinking of something similar to that for my new house.. i think HON is thinking abt the same too.. perhaps can get some idea.. take some pics and show her so that she will let me have the in-built wall.. hehehe.. already had the permission to have the tank..
  3. i couldn't agree more.. and furthermore.. the prices is very ex... my heart also pain when i see so many tangs in one tank.. sigh.. they should just stick to their LH and the FW!!!!
  4. this is indeed a very expensive fish.. i have seen it eat lettuce.. u might want to consider that if u are planning to keep it.. and btw, it is extremely territorial... no similar shape tangs is recommended to be inside...
  5. U might want to consider having more marine avatars for members to use.. and to increase membership, u might want to get affiliated to some local sites.. so that ppl might know more abt this site.. nevertheless, u are doing a great job.. keep it up...
  6. yes.. i dun advocate keeping those cleaner fishes.. they just dun survive in our tanks.. i had lost a couple of them.. one of them lasted 3 months.. they will feed on brine shrimps.. but after a while, they simply just die off.. however, the hawaiian or caribbean one is more hardy.. i seen one in at the LFS in balestier.. and it cost $40... a bit ex.. but it feeds on pellets and mysis shrimps.. and it goes ard doing the cleaning job as well.. as that is too ex.. i got something similar to that of Norvin.. and it was in my tank for the past yr.... and it got brave enuff to do some "cleaning" of my hands when i clean the tank.. however, on the whole, i advocate using cleaner shrimps....
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