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  1. $300 WA 93221328 can fit 3 - 4 feet tank Measurement 27 x 15 x 17 inches height Last photo, Concept for reference only C
  2. Thanks for all your interest, all sold and collected
  3. WTS: Purple Tang, Yellow Tang, Brown Tang and Blue Tang. All for $200 FOC: Yellow/white belly Wrasse, Blue Demsel and black cucumber. WA 93221328
  4. Reduced to $50 each, Bigger and cheaper than the recent indo shipment size. WA 93221328
  5. About Lady fist size FCFS. Bought from SAS Take all for $300 -or $70 each WA 93221328 Collect at Sembawang
  6. FOC Aussies SPS colony slightly STN But can frag and saved First one to text and can collect tomorrow afternoon . A few colonies. 93221328
  7. Got some extra WWC bounce for sale. Guarantee imported from USA/WWC Please note, they're not cheap.
  8. My tank is not matured enough for a FTS. I'll show you the whole partition instead.
  9. Zero water change since last December, anyway I haven't change water in my so many years of reefing. Here are some of my SPS.
  10. Bought this last Christmas. Red Sea Peninsula 500
  11. Hello, It's been a long time that I last posted here. Exactly 3 years, OMG! Since is a lockdown, let me do some update. These 3 years I have changed to a 3 tiered tank, to a cube tank, to a Red Sea 170 and finally to a Red Sea Peninsula. I'm still a very lazy reefer. Will update some pictures later.
  12. Galaxy $30, Chilli Pepper $50 spondy and fibre optic $20 WA 93221328
  13. Colony baby fist size onwards $100. bigger $150 onwards. WA 93221328
  14. I'm the original 1st owner. comes with receipt. $650 negotiable. New $1100. WA 93221328. Used for a few months only.
  15. WA 93221328 $20, chngcolin@gmail.com large one only use twice. All 4 for $20
  16. WA 9322132 Mother colony, frag into 4 quarters. Diameter 6 cm. Please note the line is very distinct and not fuzzy. Thus ultra grade which is hard to come by. This is the Mother/whole colony this quarter is $300 This is $200 with great potential
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