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  1. Indonesia cultured Sps arrived at Iwarna. Frogskin acropora limited edition? Only one. Blue millepora and blue hoeksami Multicolor millepora/postrata
  2. Iwarna systems mostly coppered. Prevents ich or velvet outbreaks. We can quarantine for buyer up to 2 weeks but payment must be made beforehand and we cannot be held responsible if fish die during QT (same like how hospitals cannot guarantee all patients survive). To QT beyond 2 weeks there are additional charges as we have limited holding capacity. Just check out most of the Achilles tangs Iwarna has in stock now, no white spot and eating pellet already. Most QT fish priced a little higher for obvious reasons, besides paying for the fish you are also buying insurance against diseases that can potentially wipe out all your livestock.
  3. Needs strong water movement and high dissolved oxygen levels. They are found in surge zones.
  4. Holding a group of 4 Photoblepharon palpebratus (the rarer more sought after one-fin species) on behalf of Iwarna since their arrival on 7th January. The group is ready for selling but only for advanced hobbyists willing to make the necessary sacrifices to keep these animals. Asking $1000 nett for the group, a steal for conditioned specimens which I would really love to keep for myself actually. Most imported specimens from other sources don't fare so well, considering the numbers that have gone through my hands. Average size of the fishes in this group is about thumb length. http://www.dwazoo.com/animal/flashlightfish/ https://reefbuilders.com/2013/07/09/photoblepharon-palpebratus-unique-glowing-oddball-deepwater-biotope/ Dark areas, low temperature (not above 25 degrees) and night time feedings are needed. Serious buyers can contact me @‌ 90660450 via whatsapp.
  5. Iwarna Australia shipment: Sps, small elegance corals, acanthastrea lordhowensis, acanthophyllia. Hawaii shipment: Flame angels, potter angels, goldflake angels, griffis angels, bandit angels, achilles tangs, flame wrasse pair, etc.
  6. Tomorrow noon at Iwarna: Conspiculatus angelfish, hooded wrasse males, Australian watanabei angelfish pair (special markings), Centropyge fisheri, show size goldflake angel, small griffis angel, small bandit angel, medium bandit angels, chaetodon multicinctus, gymnothorax melatremus, reticulated pygmy frogfish, canthigaster jactator, canthigaster epilampra, Achilles tangs (S, M, L), acanthurus nigricans, kole tangs, s-m yellow tangs, crosshatch trigger pairs (sold), coris venusta, Halichoeres ornatissimus, geoffroy leopard wrasse, flame wrasse (only sold as M&F pairs), red tail wrasse females, Stethojulis balteata, pervagor aspricaudus, red banded goatfish.
  7. Rare Japan Moray shipment tmrw at Iwarna 1pm. Gymnothorax berndti x 3 Gymnothorax ypsilon x 3, gymnothorax kidako x 2, gymnothorax intensi x 2, angelshark x 1, interruptus angel juvenile x 4.
  8. Thursday morning at iwarna Royal grammas, black cap basslets, swissguard basslets, candy basslets, medium queen angels, large queen angels, large blue angel, blue reef chromis, indigo hamlets, Cuban hogfish, small rock beauties.
  9. Arrival noon @‌ Iwarna: Powder brown tang, coral beauty, blue spotted grouper, square anthias, orange lined bristletooth tang, adult orange shoulder tang, bicolor angels, heraldi angel, snowflake eels, randall anthias female, pseudanthias flavoguttatus, etc.
  10. Australia shipment arrived Iwarna. Acanthastrea lordhowensis (tiny to xl sizes) , Duncan, alveopora, green branching goniopora, red goniopora, green toadstool, green sinularia, lineatus wrasse, ventralis anthias, luzonichthys seaver, cypho purpurascens pair.
  11. Make sure DI water TDS reading is zero. Do a massive water change with a good salt and the algae issues will go away, I've done the same to combat bubble algae and bryopsis issues. Contaminants in budget salts are equally responsible for algae blooms than just nitrate and phosphate, they may seem fine in the beginning but prolonged use will lead to accumulation of such contaminants especially if you do not perform regular large water changes.
  12. Make sure DI TDS reading is still zero. Controlling nutrients like phosphate and nitrate is just the basic step, Even some users who use ultra low nutrient systems experience cyano outbreaks. The key is to use high purity products to minimise accumulation of unwanted pollutants in your system. Some brands seem to work at the start but with long term usage the unwanted pollutants accumulate and that's when you get your cyano outbreaks. It's like filling diesel in a ferrari, makes no sense.
  13. New fish arrival at Iwarna Sacura margaritacea males and pseudanthias elongatus Kamoharai blennies, Pterogobius zonoleucus, Pterogobius elapoides. Interruptus angels 1cm pinecone fish!
  14. New arrivals at Iwarna: Christmas tree worms, queen angels, small and medium size rock beauties, cherub angels, Atlantic blue tangs, Spanish hogfish, Cuban hogfish, royal grammas, blue reef chromis, orange tree sponge, blue hamlet, indigo hamlet, palythoa grandis. On Christmas day Interruptus angels, 2cm pinecone fish, kamoharai blenny, sacura anthias, elongatus anthias, pterogobius elapoides, pterogobius zonoleucus.
  15. Shipment tmrw 4pm at Iwarna. Close at 6pm. Ricordea florida, rock flower anemones, peppermint shrimps, emerald crabs, gold coral banded boxing shrimp Stenopus scutellatus (many years since they came, they have red mouthparts), palythoa grandis (normal and ultra grades).
  16. Japan arrival tomorrow 10am @‌ Iwarna. Interruptus angels, Gymnothorax berndti x 2 (Y-patterned moray) (uncommon), Enchelycore lichenosa x 3 (Reticulate hookjaw moray) (uncommon), Enchelycore pardalis x 1 (dragon moray) (uncommon), Myliobatis tobijei x 2 (Japanese eagle ray). http://reefbuilders.com/2009/09/21/skeletor-eel-berndts-eel-raise-bar-rare-beautiful-eels/
  17. Healthy pseudanthias flavoguttatus at Iwarna. 20151219_140349.mp4 Xmas promotion on katoi wrasse and roseafascia wrasse (no super alpha, have to morph yourself) only @ $80/pc. Next week: XL Xmas tree worms for Xmas, interruptus angels, sacura anthias, elongatus anthias, rare moray eels, bat rays, angelshark, carribean shipment, bali micah anthias.
  18. WTS FM Royal Blue T5 tubes. 24W units x 4. Used for 1 month. Reason for selling: Change in light fixture, bulbs cannot be used on the new fixture. RRP = $32/bulb. Selling the 4 tubes as a set for $100 cash only. Interested party contact me at 90660450.
  19. Carribean fish arrive at Iwarna. 2 inch Blue reef chromis, royal grammas, black cap basslets, swissguard basslet, shy hamlet, juvenile rock beauties, small queen angels, large queen angel, French butterflyfish, apricot bass, klayi basslets. For pictures can refer to Facebook page Iwarna Aquafarm.
  20. Ahbac has moved, reefers take note. Moray collectors, 1 pc of Gymnothorax thyrsoideus coming. Interested parties pm me.
  21. Lots of information online. http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1965327 http://www.ultimatereef.net/forums/showthread.php?503629-calcium-chloride-77-pure-foodgrade-anygood
  22. Mediterranean flight delay. Arrival 10pm today at Iwarna. Close at 11pm tonight. Tomorrow noon at Iwarna. Flame angels, yellow tangs, kole tangs, achilles tangs, chevron tang, potter angel, tinker butterfly (sold), bandit angels, small goldflake angels, bodianus sanguineus aka neon hogfish. http://reefbuilders.com/2010/10/05/neon-hogfish-bodianus-sanguineus-stars-house-fins-splash-event/
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