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  1. Iwarna Carribean timing correction : tomorrow 4pm. Ultra rock flower anemones, red st. Thomas mushrooms, ricordea florida, giant red serpent star, emerald crabs, peppermint shrimps. Also available tomorrow : interruptus angelfish & wrought iron butterfly
  2. Indonesia coral and Philippines shipment just arrive at Iwarna. Some pics of carribean shipment and other stocks from Australia. Tomorrow 4pm: Ultra rock flower anemones, red st. Thomas mushrooms, ricordea florida, giant red serpent star, emerald crabs, peppermint shrimps.
  3. Tmrw morning 8am at Iwarna: Bali cultured sps, black photon clowns,onyx Picasso clowns, orchid dottybacks, super red clarion angels, Australia acropora, xenia, Australia green leather, Blastomussa wellsi, Duncan, goniopora, montipora, Stylopora, Seriatopora, Tubipora musica, choriaster granularis, starkii damsels, pseudanthias cf. aurulentus, pseudanthias ventralis, harlequin tuskfish, laboutei wrasse, lineatus wrasse, choati wrasse, shaw boxfish female. Thursday mornimg: Gramma linki, carmabi basslets, liopropoma klayi, liopropoma evides, bluntnose bass, swissguard basslets, serranus annularis , black cap basslet, royal grammas, purple candelabra gorgon Ian.
  4. Iwarna tomorrow 1pm: Joculator angels, only 3cm specimens made available.
  5. http://blog.aquanerd.com/2012/04/mauritius-gem-tang-zebrasoma-gemmatum-seen-in-the-divers-den.html Local prices are a steal now, below 2k usd.
  6. Hawaii shipment tomorrow noon at Iwarna. Flame angels, Kole tangs, Yellow tangs, Christmas wrasse (Halichoeres ornatissimus), Potter's leopard wrasse (Macropharyngodon geoffroy), bandit angels 3"-4" & 5"-6", Thalassoma duperrey.
  7. Special LPS and SPS shipment tomorrow noon @ Iwarna, not Saturday. Dropbox file takes awhile to load due to pictures.
  8. Philippines oddity shipment at Iwarna tomorrow @ noon. Pink streaked wrasse, possum wrasses white banded and yellow banded, brush tail filefish, grammica gobies, ghost pipefishes, purple queens, white cap goby with shrimp, worm goby, strombus, abalones, hermit crabs, velvet sea slugs to eat flatworms, painted squat lobsters, yellow arrow cleaner shrimp, tozuema shrimps, many more.
  9. Can be done locally but will be very expensive.
  10. New arrivals at Iwarna. Baby radiant wrasse, halichoeres pelicieri, dussumeri tangs, gem tangs, paracheilinus piscilineatus pair, bipartitus leopard wrasse, African flamebacks, xanthomos pencil wrasse pair, mauritius coral beauty, football damsels, Blackburn butterfly. http://reefbuilders.com/2011/01/31/paracheilinus-piscilineatus/ http://reefbuilders.com/2014/05/01/awesome-fish-spotlight-mauritian-endemic-pseudojuloides-xanthomos/
  11. Special select acropora available tomorrow 11am at Iwarna. Look for Naz, I'm not around.
  12. Many beautiful white tail chrysopterus clownfish at Coralfarm.
  13. True Fiji yellow leather, Sarcophyton elegans, is available at Iwarna. One of the most sought after yellow toadstools. Left only a few pieces.
  14. Very healthy fish. Release into tank within 10 mins start eating.
  15. Iwarna has true percula clowns, naoko wrasse, angulatus wrasse, golden angels.Also kamoharai blenny. Diamond tail flashers and dejongi pair sold. Future orders welcome.
  16. Sometimes solution is very simple. Just check that DI water TDS is acceptable and try a better brand of salt mix. That is the root cause for most dino/cyano issues. There are other elements that cause cyano/dino blooms, not just nitrates and phosphates.
  17. Philippines shipment just arrived at Iwarna today, some angulatus flasher wrasse. Tmrw evening 6pm: Gramma dejongi and Paracheilinus attenuatus super alpha males. Saturday 1pm: Berghia nudibranch for Aiptasia control (Pre-Aquarama offer at only 6pcs for $100) Gold nugget maroon clownfish Platinum percula clownfish Black gladiator clownfish (essentially black ocellaris with Picasso markings) Premium black snowflake clownfish Premium Picasso clownfish (Helmet pattern) Orchid, springeri and sankeyi dottybacks
  18. Friday 6pm at Iwarna: Gramma dejongi & Paracheilinus attenuatus. http://reefbuilders.com/2009/10/02/paracheilinus-attenuatus-diamond-tail-flasher-wrasse-shows-town-aquarium/ http://reefbuilders.com/2010/05/22/gramma-dejongi-exciting-deepwater-gramma-cuba/ http://staging.reefbuilders.com/?p=19669 http://reefbuilders.com/2014/06/28/memoirs-asia-gramma-dejongi/ Only limited pcs available, contact me for more details.
  19. Walt smith shipment arrived at Iwarna. SPS Yellow toadstools and sinularia Pipe organ and amphiprion chrysopterus Very nice reef safe stigmata blennies, been a long time since they appeared!
  20. WALT SMITH SHIPMENT @ IWARNA ON SATURDAY NIGHT! Open from 10pm to midnight. Lemon peel angels Canary blennies Stigmata blennies Blue stripe clownfish (Amphiprion chrysopterus) Chrysiptera taupou Siganus uspi, siganus doliatus Exquisite wrasse, Scott's wrasse Many acropora, seriatopora, pink & green pocillipora, yellow porites Lobophyllia, pipe organ Green sinularia flexibilis, yellow Fiji sarcophyton
  21. Tmrw noon at Iwarna: Few pcs of Juvenile Zebrasoma gemmatum, Mauritius coral beauty (patterned tail), cooperi anthias, evansi anthias, midas blenny, lineatus blenny, Chrysiptera annulata, dussumeri tangs, Anampses lineatus, Halichoeres cosmetus, radiant wrasse, Macrophargynodon cyanoguttatus, Macrophargynodon lapillus, Macrophargynodon vivienae, Macrophargynodon bipartitus, xanthomos pencil wrasse, Thalassoma genivittatum. http://reefbuilders.com/2010/02/03/macropharyngodon-vivienae-madagascar-leopard-wrasse-starts-showing-kenyan-exports/ http://reefbuilders.com/2014/05/01/awesome-fish-spotlight-mauritian-endemic-pseudojuloides-xanthomos/
  22. Special SPS shipment arrived at Iwarna. Available for sale 1pm onwards. Limited stocks.
  23. They don't work well in reef tanks. People have tried.
  24. Fauna Marin has Flat Control. Available in Madpetz, ML and Iwarna.
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