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  1. Rsved with deposit. Thanks all enquiry. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. WTS XR15 3G Pro. just over 1 year. $380. FCFS.
  3. WTS: MP10WES brand new at $260
  4. cant wait to see them in action!
  5. hi all, mp10wes sold with long waiting list. please do not pm me anymore. thanks for all interest. cheers!
  6. hi bro, would the box trap heat? cos the adapter quite hot right,
  7. interesting.. shimmering effect with T5?
  8. wtb copperbanded butterfly pellet eating ones prefered.
  9. yah i reckon 2 prime hd will work well. one of the bro here using 2x prime on the same tank i think.
  10. WTS: hydra 26 with controller and mounting - $450. almost 1 year old.
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