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  1. Hi, Selling my 1/2HP chiller for S$1200, very powerful chiller with thermostat. Tank has already been decommissioned for a few years. http://n30.com.sg/chillers/arctica-titanium-commercial-chiller-1-2-hp-da-500b.html Will upload some photos later. Sincere buyers please pm me. Thanks RX
  2. Hammer will sting ur SH if they come too close. It's possible to keep them together but depends on how you locate them and also the direction of ur current.
  3. UPZ....and one more motorola Z8. brand new. $400. Reasonable offers please let me know. thanks.
  4. A friend of mine is selling his O2 XDA for $800. retail($950). mint. condition. He bought it in July 2008 and used for only one week. But he is unfamiliar with the way it works as he had been using TREO. Which model it is, I believed it should be the latest. Will get back to the thread with the answer. Any question can pm me. thanks.
  5. prata and lps are not that hard to keep provided with good water quality even that some say it needs abit of nutrients in the water. btw, they do feed in nature not just that ppl tot they just need sunlight. normally they will eat so-called marine snow which are like the debris from the top. Most corals get carbohydrate through sunlight and get proteins from the water. From the water in nature, it's normally marinesnow and planktons but we dun have them in our water. so feeding them will help them to grow faster too. but make sure it's small enough or else u will hurt them. even without targetfeeding, they will still grow slowly when u feed ur fishes as they are constantly filtering ur water with their tentacles. Cheers
  6. don't think that u need to sink the betabox all the way if your fishes will come out during feeding. try tying a string to the door oft the betabox. then pull it up to open and use ur magnet cleaner to hold it. stop feeding for one day. then feed the other day at the entrance of the box, u will be surprised that all ur fishes will chiong into it. it will work very well if ur fishes are already feeding on pellets and coming out actively. those reefers, whose tank has many hiding places and fishes don't come out during feeding, or not feeding pellets and extremely finicky-eater, will need to sink it down and place the frozen food for some days to the trap to work. it will be best to practise hand feeding from the start, feed the fishes by placing ur hand into the tank. this will help in catching any of them later as they will be more daring during feeding. hand feeding is enjoyable too. except for poisonous fishes...hehehe... cheers. all the best.
  7. haha...2 tiger beer. think soul's experience will definitely be useful in setting up ur CR. i didn't set up before so cannot help much.hahaha. magnesium really need to monitor one.u can try but keep the amount at 10 cal:1 mag. that's the NSW's level. maybe can try to add only a very small portion only.think u can try reading it up before u set up. will definitely helps u alot plus with soul's help. everything will be great. will definitely love to see ur tank one day. and that fat yellow tang.hahaha. and balling is a diff. method of dosing. it's u mix ur calcium, mag, strontium, carbonate, trace element and iodine all into containers. then use dripping to add it in.that's what i going to test out.
  8. Ops...was at victor's house. forgot to login my own account.hhaha...nvm, help him earn one post. that day saw Jem selling his CR with CO2 solenoid. you try searching for that post. think that one is suitable up to 4ft tank. think u can read online regarding CR. think initial stage need some time to set up and adjust ur drip rate. just need to get a good media or else u need to keep changing the media. try ARM, it's good. anyway, GO told u that one is table acropora ar ? think u wait and see ba. if it grow outside like a table manner, then it's a table acro. anyway, saw victor's table acro today.has an acro crab there. kinda cute.haha. think he is trying out the balling method for his tank with some magnesium he get from other reefers. maybe get one bag from him to try.haha. good that u feed them chubby cos some of the fishes i saw at lfs. those ppl keep very long then dun want, they give it to my friend's lfs to sell. those fishes are really big but the color is like.....hahaha.. you see u will cry for these fishes. i know some reefers who keep fishes but dun wanna feed cos scared later nitrate up, then affect corals. poor fishes...more like keeping water than keeping fishes...haha. food is to feed fishes and after u eat, u clean up the table. that's wat filter system is for. u wan to feed but dun wan to get dirty, it's like u wan to eat but dun wan to wash hand. hahaha.. anyway, right now i manage to keep twin spot alive for a very long time with X-nature food. think u will see the result soon. very nice fish and clean up my tank's sand real neat. those small mouth fishes will certainly benefit from it. cheers.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. Hope u like the food. U wanna add in more fishes ar ? maybe try wrasse or anthias lor. too big and if they fight around in ur tank, they will topple your corals.haha. anthias' coloration under MH also very nice.but just need to get them feeding cos normally they are hard-to-feed if they are alone or face aggression in your tank(in fact most fishes). CHeers.
  10. chill.believe everyone is just trying to help one another. this kinda thing is up to u to believe. and for others to decide.
  11. Hi guys, We are currently preparing for our website and forum. Pls visit our forum and website at www.xnature.net.tc, we have create a temporary template and setup. It will be great to know if the topics and headings are suitable for you guys before the official launch. Be it too little or too much ? Or just nice, please let us know. It's not another SRC, so it won't be that detailed to include member's tank and others. Just a cosy corner for us to provide support for our products, and to promote the discussion of fish diet, health and many more. A pure place for fish-lovers. We will be pleased to know. Cheers. We are learning from our customers everything. *We will be releasing eXshrimp, our latest shrimp mix and Garlixer, our own garlic juice fortified with vitamins.
  12. hahaha..maybe that's "the pic" ? joking give him sometime to fix it bah. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR SALES. CHEERS.
  13. It's avail in most fish shop...but not all sadly...Think freshwater fish shop shouldn't don't have them. you can tried to get a big box from any of the marine LFS. Price should be around the same as brine. Cheers. Hope it helps.
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