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  1. EARTH DAY PROMOTION. For celebration and support of EARTH day, orders from now to 8july will have this promotion. one box for only 12dollars and two boxes for only 23dollars. and we urge everyone to wear green on that day. global warming is real. and reefers feel the immediate effect. cheers. we are preparing for the launch of another product. pls stay tuned.
  2. hahha.xersion will join u in the meal for it...haha..
  3. think u can ask around for some coraline esp. from those who have those growing wildly. i think those who are willing to share some or trade for anything, can provide some help by sharing. magnesium will dissolved so it's most probably algae since mention it's all over the rocks and sand.
  4. eventually they wun harm ur coral but when they grow bigger, they may post a threat to ur livestocks like small fishes and shrimps. more likely considered so u may wanna remove it first or provide us with more pictures.
  5. haha. good job bro. looking forward to more pics. but i think u have post this thread in the wrong section. haha..should post it under member's tank. Good luck and all thes best.
  6. feeding and stable yellow tang at 28 is already a very good price. the market price is already at there. hahaa.. UPZ for ur bro. good luck. hope they can find a good owner. waiting for new tank or else i will get from you.
  7. fishes...no matter how shy they are...they need their own terrority... if u put two nice gentle man together...with a piece of meat. they will still fight over it. that's why it's best not to add in new fishes at a huge quantity at one go. instead u should acclimate properly and let the new addition get used to their new environment before u add in any other new fishes. this way u wun be throwing money into the sea.. CHEERS.
  8. bro, did u off the lights ? next time try doing so...
  9. thanks bro for the add-on. i hope ur wrasse and tang can live peacefully. so long nv hear from u, underwater...haha..u wanna keep fish-only right ? haha..how's everything now ? cheers.
  10. wat tang is that ? and how big is ur wrasse and tang ? if it really keep pestering ur leopard and causing it to hide and not feeding. it will be better for u to take it out and feed it for some time before adding it in. Hope the rest can take note, nv add in any non-feeding fish into ur main tank which is full of fishes. If they can learn to eat and survive, it's good. But most of the cases is that they will perish and starve to death with stress from the tankmates. Be it a tang or six-line, the effect will be the same if it's not feeding and at times can also caused it to stop feeding. Proper acclimation is very important. Cheers.
  11. thank you very much for ur feedback. ya..new additions will have problem becos they haven't even acclimate to ur tank yet let alone feed them. GOOD LUCK and keep me updated too. Cheers.
  12. hahaha...glad to know that. that gonoipora is like pufferfish. wat u do to it to caused such a reaction ? any more info ?
  13. yup. wat specie is ur starfish ? linkia star wun grow back in captive.
  14. for coraline growth, normally ppl will tell u that Cal and Mg are important elements in the tank. But the most important factor is the seed. high nutrients so watsoever doesn't really stop their growth. I am sure for those who are have an abundant growth of coraline algae soon realised that they are kinda irritating becos they too grow fast. They are capable for growing in all locations. on the tank glass, on the pipings...blah blah blah. wat u experience is a dying off of coralline algae. It's pretty common for the initial stage. some may experience a total die off if not taken care of. If continuation of bad water quality, which means high NO3, it will affect the growth. and here you might be wondering...how come i mention that high nutrients will not affect then now i said that it will affect. isn't that like biting my own lips ? OKay. the differences here is that. Whether it is from ur fishtank specimen or addition specimen. added specimen means the specimen is not from ur tank. somehow u get this coraline algae on ur liverocks or corals. fishtank specimen means it's from ur fish tank. What's the difference ? coraline algae which u get it from anywhere. whether it is from ur friends or anyone, it will be an addition specimen. They are less hardy, easier to outrun by nusiance algae and also die off easily. Reason is that they are on the rocks and the new location and water quality may not be ideal or might be new to them. So they will die off and if the condition didn't get better, they will say BYEBYE. If your fishtank is already growing coraline algae, they are more hardy. These coraline algae will keep growing and even compete with other algae. high nutrient is not a problem here. The best solution is to have good water quality now and at the same time, get some coraline rock from ur bubby or take that from the piece of rock. Cut off the coraline from the rock and into a bowl or container. take off ur filtration system for half an hour and on ur powerheads or wavemaker. pour in the seed and there u go. u will starts to have coraline algae in one to two weeks time with dosage of calcium and mg. and with things like pH, Kh all in check. These seeds will choose their own location for growth unlike the ones on the rocks. They will settled in areas like wavemaker and pipings. Once these start growing, they will continued and wun be a problem. U are simply helping them to spawn all over the tank. Cheers.
  15. haha...ur sohal tang size is super big. 12inches.and that's one feet. Nice one.Sweet haha..good luck for ur sales anyway. Cheers.
  16. that could also be a mantis too. both can generate a click sound. But they look totally diff.
  17. Hey guys, sorry for the late replies. Please try to contact me by my phone no. instead. Thank you very much. And there is some promotion going on and please help to reuse the plastic containers for X-factor. Please check our X-Nature forum at the sponsor section for updates. or you can just click on the left hand side of this page. Cheers. Have a nice day.
  18. Snails should be okay. just dun add in shrimps. lobsters and crabs.
  19. new stocks avail. guys. Thanks for the support. We are in the process of creating a new label and packaging to benefit everyone. Please stay tuned. Cheers.
  20. sorry abt that...it's do let us know not feed...fingers are too fast.hahaha. ANd guys. Right now due to overwhelming responses, X-factor is currently out of stock Those who are interested please place a reservation with us. cheers and have a nice day.
  21. Thanks all for all the support lately. Glad to know that everyone is doing fine. haha. Please visit us at the sponsor forum section. Our forum also contains tip of the day for our customers and everyone who is new in here. Feeding guide will be updated there soon. So if u have any problem feeding your fishes or corals, do let us feed so that we can guide you. Cheers. Have a nice day.
  22. not a prob. starfishes normally will look for food at night and move during this time. sometimes when they dun feel like moving, they will just stay there. unless u see them releasing some stuffs and body starts to curl up, it'll be fine. Good day.
  23. haha...see this http://www.sgreefclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=57666
  24. Prior to that... it will be better to take out the livestock first and put them into pails during transfer. this is to prevent stress during the movement. and best is to mix the saltwater or get seawater and pump air overnight before the transfer.. add in bacterias to the water to allow them to thrive first. the new tank may suffer if u ahve alot of fishes... the biological system maybe affected becos the liverock are exposed to air. but the sand do host your aerobic bacteria...so shouldn't be too much problem. basically u still need to start all over again if u empty too much water... u will need to cycle the tank again. but can be cut short if u can have some bioballs or biohome in your 2ft tank for your bacteria to colonise... then transfer them to your new tank without exposing to the air.
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