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  1. Forest fire - 10 each Spongodes - 15 each White strip on Spongodes is due to shading. Both at least 2" in size. Multi branches. Collection Bukit Batok. Thank you
  2. Biopellet sold. Up for the Hanging Kit.
  3. DVH Aquatic Biopellets - $30 used about 15%.
  4. Selling $50. BNIB. PM if keen. Thanks.
  5. Looking for the above item. Pm me if you have for sale. Thank you.
  6. Hi all, fish collected. Thanks for those interested and apologies for not getting to reply to all.
  7. Foc. FCFS best to collect tonight. Collection 651451. Pm me for contacts. Thanks. Been with me for about 8 months. Fat and healthy.
  8. Sold. Apologize for those pm I didn't get to reply.
  9. Selling used WiFi doser. Bought on 01/08/2019 used about a month. Selling $75. Comes with free normal air tube. Collection 651451. RFS : Changed to CR.
  10. Both pair sold to a nice reefer.
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