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  1. AroDan

    Chaeto to give?

    Hi guys, Anyone can spare me Chaeto? I hope to collect a lot. Text me at 8200 8881. Thank you
  2. Bro you mean you have some to give?
  3. Any reefer trimming their excess cheato this weekend? I need some. Thank you
  4. HI guys, I'm looking for a lot of free Cheato. Any kind reefers can offer some as I'm hoping to collect a lot for my new project. West & central area would be the best. Please PM me or sms to 8200 8881. Thank you
  5. AroDan


    Bro can I collect today evening? I will PM you my contact.
  6. Any good place to check out this fishes? Beside Ah beng?
  7. Hi all, Anyone selling or can intro where can I get a batch of small schooling fishes like damsel or any others? I have a 6ft by 2.5ft tank and hope to only keep schooling fishes.
  8. Selling my 3.5" Picasso trigger $35. Eating pellet Collection at CCK. Bag will be provided Sms me at 8200 8881 to deal.
  9. I would like to have it if it's not collected by Thursday. I can collect anytime today after 6pm. Thank you
  10. Bro can you share some knowledge of your filtration system. I can see that all your tanks are Large tanks, so how do you maintain the water condition? Do you still use industrial size skimmer? and lots of sponge, just like a home scale aquarium? Or do you use natural filtration materials like use of green seaweed, mangrove plants and some other plants?
  11. Collected the fishes. Thank you SRC
  12. Bro i have been waiting downstairs your blk to collect the fishes but somehow you not answering my calls or reply my sms. What happen?
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