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  1. 4” yellow tang 4” purple tang 3.5” Blue tang Prefer to let go together at $500/- All are pellet trained, to deal in the East.
  2. *Posting on behalf of my friend* “ Hi all, want to sell my pennisula Tank set Size : 5ft (length) x 2.5ft (width) x 27 inches (height) - Gloss White Cabinet - 3 side crystal glass - with Synergy overflow box system - with sump - Acrylic ATO container Collection at Woodlands Selling at $500 Pls Whatsapp 96382799 for pictures. Thank you “ * Do not PM me, please WhatsApp him Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  3. Hey guys, I'm left with these equipments, price reduced to clear. Nyos 160 - $400 Ecotech S2 - $300 AI Hydra 52HD - $420 Please DM only if you're keen. Thank you
  4. Anyone interested in a 150x50x50cm tank Front crystal glass, euro braced. Black sealant. 1.5yr tank made by CRA. Looking to clear by this week $480 or $500 with sump. Viewing at Serangoon Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  5. FR + rowaphos (60% left) $100 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  6. Biopellets + reactor @ $160 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  7. Nyos 160 Nero 3 x2 Vectra M2 Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  8. All equipments are 1.5yrs or lesser in good condition. Nyos 160 $450/- Ecotech vectra M2 $400/- Ecotech RMS Mount with XR15 bracket $130/- Hydra 52HD $480/- with Mount Reef Octopus CR140 $280/- DD FMR75 with pump $55/- JNS omega 2 Biopellet reactor with biopellets $150/- Ecotech vectra M1 $340/-
  9. corals, all reserved. I’ll start another thread for the equipments. Thank you all
  10. Hi guys, helping a friend to offload these corals . Looking to let go all at once, there might be a few other corals left out, but it’s yours if you’re taking all of these. He’s taking a break from the hobby, looking to clear asap. All for $380 anyone? No separate sales. Also, if anyone’s interested in these equipments - vectra M2 / L2 - Nyos 160 - AI Hydra 52HD black Please Drop a DM Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  11. Hi guys, anyone has a yellow tang to let go, please drop me a DM. Asking for a friend! Thank you
  12. Trying my lucky here.. Does anyone have a compressor to let go? Do DM me price and condition. Thank you!
  13. Update on what’s left 1) Vectra M1 3) Hydra 52HD with HMS Mount 4) Apex Gold System
  14. Apex Gold System - Apex Base Unit - Apex Display Module (needs firmware update) - Energy Bar 6 - Long life Temperature Probe - Lab grade ORP Probe - Lab grade PH Probe -PM2 Module ( Salinity/ conductivity) - Lab grade Conductivity (salinity) Probe All ready to go, price is fixed!
  15. 1. Ecotech Vectra M1 $380 2. Nero 5 $290 each 3. Hydra 52HD Black with HMS Mount $690. 4. Apex System $650 5. Deltec SC1455 $200 All are in working condition and ready to go! These were for my nano tank project and I don’t need them anymore. Please PM me if you’re interested. Collection at Tampines. Other locations can be discussed! Happy New year everyone
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