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  1. I cannot assure u dude, but as you can see that there are some difference happened to my corals, and there are no other things that I've added beside milk, actually I was worried that my corals might die because of their weak bone structure and clearly been fading its color, but fortunately there is a big change after dosing milk, and I believe that it works. Keep updated for my next replies.tnx.
  2. BEFORE AND AFTER of dosing milk since 1st day to 3rd day. Info: I've been dosing 1ml milk for my 10 gallon tank. Clarification: no other inverts beside corals have shown bad side effects.
  3. 3rd day of dosing milk They all look good, and the colors are more vibrant than ever, my bubble coral has been doing better and expands widely, not like any other times that I've been seeing it since I decided to dose milk, so far there are some color changes, my bubble coral's been eating well, and no bad side effects appearing. Hope u guys keep being updated. Tnx.
  4. SECOND DAY! It's already the second day of dosing milk, just added my phytos to main tank and refugium.(still no seen difference) Other clarification: I still don't have fish because of previous ich outbreak caused by a blue hippo tang and Affected my other fishes and still runnin' my second week from two months remaining fishless(ich infestation doesn't affect inverts including corals) BC is fine(still opening), zoanthids, torch(still inflating), and others are also fine.(other inverts have no side effects) Tnx guys for listening, keep updated!
  5. Hey dude, umm actually I'm just like you, but there's dif. Story for me lately, my corals do so good for months without any requirements except for phytos, and within this month I've been losing so many, others are from bleaching and others is what I think is thinning of bone structure that's why it keeps shrinking and detatches to the skeleton, and I'm worried that I might lose another one again so I just used my common sense and figure out that milk contains calcium that can help any bone issue, so even if it's not proven, it's not that risk because milk is natural and whatever happens there it will be fine, cuz' if u worry nitrates then just water change, if too much potassium that can burn polyps then water change and the natural calcium that we intake is the same as corals' and the thing why we keep doubting maybe theirs are dif. Because yes they use the same calcium as ours but becomes a compound when intaken , so that's it dude, hope you keep updated with my experiment, tnx.
  6. Hi guys, Me again, I just decided to start the method this day and I added 1ml milk for my 10 gallon tank and I use this brand HarveyFresh© it's full cream milk and 100 percent pure free range cow milk. Sugar-free. I enjoy taking this method, and I'll update you guys every other day with pics. In order for us to point some changes in time. And sorry for duplicating my BC pic. On my last comment, and also let me clarify that I don't check water parameters but I clean my tank manually and does water changes frequently, and for more info about my reef tank is that I only feed my corals phytoplanktons and has good lighting and I designated good spots for corals who needs high water flow and low water flow. Tnx guys.
  7. Hi guys, John here, I'm just new here and I find this method very interesting, I don't doubt that milk can add vibrancy to corals due to calcium being intaken from the milk, but I'm not convinced of it not having any negative effects until I proved that it does only good. I'm just a beginner or considering myself intermidiate for having several experiences, but I do not have the money to buy all the stuffs that corals require and I'm looking for alternate stuffs that also contains the same substance as the products that are sold exclusive for marine life. I don't actually measure anything about those nitrates, phospates, or even calcium but my tank seems to do good with everything with fish and I don't even acclimate sensitive inverts but still survives and live healthy, the problem is with my corals specifically my bubble coral, its skelton is thinning but still opens magnificently and others lack vibrancy. Here's a pic. Of my tank. Its polyps expand widely everyday but I've been noticing that its flesh deflates and won't stick to the thinning skeleton thightly that brings me to conclusion that my tank lacks calcium because that's the only thing I know connected to bone figure so I thought that milk might help because it's natural source of calcium and then I found this and only to find out that I'm not the only one curious about using such product as an alternative to expensive marine products sold to LFS. And here's the pic. Of flesh shrinking to the skeleton due to weak bone structure because of lack of calcium(conclusion) and I bought it with all flesh attached to the skeleton and now it shrinks and slowly detaching but still opens very good. These pics. Are taken at the same day. It just deflates becauce I closed the lights.
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