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  1. Sorry to say this but it does not look happy, the white patches are actually skeleton where tissue is no longer covering it. When you first got it, did it come with the patches? assuming your water parameters are all ok, might want to consider moving it to to a lower light & flow area & see if it extends its polyps more
  2. Thanks for sharing such a build, indeed the design is flood proof as there is not chance of back-siphon down into your DT if pump is stopped. very innovative especially on the side where you have that water fall over the clear plastic sheet! Kudos to your DIY & inventive skills
  3. WTS this nicely shaped frag. Has already tabled outwards with vertical growth at the center. Baby blue polyps. Letting go for $20. Deal at Buona Vista area, pls PM if keen thanks
  4. This is a nice setup, can share more details on how you did the plumbing for your fuge? Am interested to know how you designed it to prevent overflowing in the event of power outage or pipe blockage?
  5. Can consider those clear acrylic sheets as a temporary measure to keep the particles out? May need to custom-cut them to size though
  6. That looks like a regular amphipod which is considered a beneficial critter in our tanks. No need to remove
  7. Nice setup! Corals looks really happy Can share details of the hob filter on the right?
  8. Common bristle worm, I have a couple in my tank & what they do for me is eat detritus. I would regard them as beneficial microfauna
  9. Have this mini-colony to let go at $40 about 3”x 4” in size. Getting too big for my scape & not getting enough light on its undersides. collection at Buona Vista area. PM if keen
  10. Very nice pics! Can I know what is the yellow acro at the top of the pic?
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