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  1. Common bristle worm, I have a couple in my tank & what they do for me is eat detritus. I would regard them as beneficial microfauna
  2. Have this mini-colony to let go at $40 about 3”x 4” in size. Getting too big for my scape & not getting enough light on its undersides. collection at Buona Vista area. PM if keen
  3. Very nice pics! Can I know what is the yellow acro at the top of the pic?
  4. looking for the above, PM if available thanks
  5. Looks like stomatella snails where they have a small flat shell that covers only half of their bodies reef-safe, not harmful to tank
  6. If anyone letting go please PM me, thanks prefer to deal at the west
  7. Need to clear space, get both bottles for $10 only
  8. Hi, items are available again. Pls PM if keen, thanks
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