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  1. Very nice pics! Can I know what is the yellow acro at the top of the pic?
  2. Really glad to know that crisis was averted! Totally agree that it’s important to have some buddies to help attend to matters when one is overseas.. for some weird reason, equipment tends to fail when we are travelling. I was on a work trip to Europe too when upon reaching home, discovered that one of my wavemakers stopped working. Thankfully was ‘in time’ to replace it & prevent casualties! It can be a stressful hobby
  3. Nice co2 scrubber! Noticed any pH increase since deploying it? Also, is there any visual indication when it’s depleted? Maybe the pellets will change color or something
  4. Hi there, any updates to your tank?
  5. Wow that RBM colony promises to be a showstopper in due time!!
  6. Very nice!! Those cable organizers are so neat man.. also, can share some pictures of the webcam? Is the resolution clear? Been looking for one reliable one which provides clear images
  7. Nice nice! The last time I saw it when at your place, it was still encrusting across the flat rock. Really cool that it’s starting to grow heads now
  8. Very nice DIY Leon, the Duncan’s stand is virtually invisible!
  9. Thanks for sharing, glad to know no major casualties or disasters. Agree electrical management is extremely important for us as we run so many gadgets. So how do we mitigate repeats? Split the appliances into different wall sockets which feed several power bars, so that the total amperage doesn’t exceed safety limits, I guess?
  10. Hi Leon, how is the red gorgonian with the white polyps? Managed to ID it as a photosynthetic species?
  11. Nice, are these iridescent under blue lights? Could be from the dictyota genus
  12. Very nice scape as for your dosing liquids, can consider DIYing your own? For example, baking soda for KH, calcium chloride powder for Ca, etc
  13. Amazing.... so colorful! Nice gradual downslope too which looks really natural! Great job with the scaping & color placement too. have a front FTS?
  14. Wow that orange Mille is so bright!! Excellent coloration
  15. Wow the dozing pump is really compact! Is this a newer model after the kamoer x4? you mentioned that you can control the dosing pump via WiFi, meaning that you can remotely control it when you are outside, ie. Traveling overseas?
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