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  1. Pls PM if you have some to let go
  2. Hello, looking for return pump for my nano. The sicce1.0 is really annoying with its constant rattling. looking for a quieter pump like the eheim 1000
  3. Up, brand new unit going for $50. For reference, retail price is around $70+
  4. Hello, have some frags to let go. Collection at Buona Vista area. Pls PM if interested. Bubblegum digi big frag - $20 Bubblegum digi small frag - $15 Birdnest small frag - $5
  5. Hello, have the following red stag for sale. Deep red body with red polyps too. Collection at Buona Vista area. Please PM if interested. ~4inch mini-colony - $40 ~2” frag - $20
  6. Looking for one, specifically dolabella as it seems to not ink pls PM if available, thanks
  7. Looks very much like a regular amphipod, it’s a friend
  8. Mine has done this before, seems it’s their normal shedding process every now & then. Mine released its top coat/skin over a period of few days. To be on the conservative side, can consider running some carbon. Or can just siphon it out as the slime coat gets thicker
  9. Was intrigued too, after googling abit, they might be ostracods?
  10. Nice branching frag at $15 mother colony
  11. Have two frags to let go at $10 each. Collection at Buona Vista area. pls PM if interested, thanks FragA FragB mother colony
  12. It’s a feather duster, harmless & beneficial micro fauna
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