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  1. Hey guys! have a 6 ft x 2 ft x 14 inches 10mm tank for sale.... tank comes with built in ios.... pump , pipings and filter medias like biohome and corall chips.... interested bro can msg me to offer.... Just tank only no stand. bros keen can msg me at 94788799. below pics of the tank with lightings on. IMG_1196 by Chinmo, on Flickr
  2. Hey bros! am looking for a 2x2x2 cabinet tankset.... if u have ,to let go pls mms/sms me your tankset pics/prices/location and condition of tankset. Thanks! my no is 94788799:D
  3. Hey guys! am no longer have used for this eggs.... they been with me in the frigde for 5 mths..AMOST new! open once- used 1 teaspoon and store back to frigde. WTS: San Francisco Strain Brine Shrimp Eggs, 16 Ounces Starting bid: $50 Minimum increment: $1 BNP : $100 location to collect: bishan st 13. Auction ends date:2nd of July-2200hrs brineshrimp1.bmp brineshrimp2.bmp
  4. Hi guys! am letting go a 3 mths old Tall tank. here e specs 26in x 12in x 30in, 10 mm, top and bottom all round bracing. wrought iron stand included. condtion of tank is 9.9/10 the set for $80 FIXED. viewing and collection at bishan st 13. interested bro, pls SMS to 94788799.
  5. hey guys , anyone selling their aquabee 3000 pump? if have pls pm me the condition, location, price yah. Thanks
  6. special price for the below items if can cash and carry by b4 sunday. ext-160 reef octo skimmer at $150 apf 600 skimmer at$250 FR come with free feed pump and medication.$50
  7. ozoniser snd controller sold! ups for my remaining gadgets
  8. Hey guys! decided to down size hobby .... have a few equipments for sale..... Deltec APF 600-$300 Reef Octopus EXT-160- $180 RM 2FT FR- $50 Microbe-Lift Artmiss(uses a few drops) and Herbtana(unopened)- $13 for both. American ORP monitor/controller with Sanders C100-$380 for the set...used less than 2 mths. 26inches by 12 inches by 30inches tall,12mm tank with euro bracing top and botttom and with stand-$128 Collection place at bishan st 13. keen members pls pm me your no yah. APF 600 Reef octo ext-160 with slight chip at the collection cover. does not affect skimming. RM 2 ft FR medication ORP controller and ozoniser
  9. hey bro, not sure what brand u using...... but i think not done correctly..... and the micro bubbles "free" in the tank will cause the Sh to have Gas Bubble Diesease
  10. okie, u can leave most rocks... but make it simple... dun do it with many "holes" cos i ever experience... sh went in .... nvr come out..... only to find them ganna stuck ,died........ north side here, u can find frozen mysis at yishun blk 934-aquastar....5-10 mins walk from yishun mrt..... if not be serangoon north ave 2 ..petmart. see if u damsel or clown are disturbing the sh not?
  11. Hey bro, how the sh? release from the "cubicle" liao?
  12. Hey guys! looking for the above ... pls pm me if u have for sale?
  13. is the current too strong for the sh? the previous owner how he feeds the sh? disperse to the water columns? or bowl feeding method? the tank setup not very suitable for sh.... too many rocks imo.... not much hitching post....
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