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  1. Hehe... you really love the RSM. Why don't you just buy it and try and experience it yourself and hopefully understand why so many are against it. BTW I'm using a JBJ 28g HQI. Bought it used for super duper price including chiller. Same like you, I thought a All In One tank like RSM or JBJ would be enough for me. I was very wrong. They look neat and nice but it's got lots of limitations. The heat from the MH bulb heats up the water very fast. Chiller kicking in too often. Upgraded to LED lights. The stock skimmer skimmed too little. I upgraded to MCE300. Not enough flow becaus
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  2. Price neg! PM me with your contact and best price.want to clear the items asap. thanks!
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  3. Nice...........................................
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  4. Decommission Sale (4 Years Old Tank). Tank - Standard 422. Significant Items. Tunze Wavemaker Can't remember the exact model. Probably similar to specs to the new model Tunze 6065. Reef Octopus NW 150 Skimmer Size(mm) : Diameter 150 x 580 HT Foot print : 300 x 200 Air intake : 450L/H Pump Power : 2000 38W Max. size of the tank : 800L Installation : In Sump http://www.aquamarin.com.sg/productsDetail.asp?productid=95 SOLITE Type 3 - MHT5 4FT Length: 1290×380x68 HQI: 2×150W T5: 2×54W http://www.aquaculturesg.com/product_view.php?pid=1838&pg=0&cata=3&
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