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  1. We are restricting due to the fact we see a lot of reefers who are just selling for the sake of profitting from the frags.. We will not just come up with a regulation if we see no cause for it.. I am not going to make a sweeping statement to say all sellers selling frags are profiteer but from the amount of frags they sell, you can tell if they are reseller.. Some will just post a sample photo and not stating the number of frags they have for sale.. Which is quite obvious, you can be your own judge.. I understand the selling of frag to offset the cost, we all do that.. If you are doing aquaculture to share and not profit, I think 5 frags is not a bad number and you can sell them well, we also have exchange and swop board to promote aquaculture.. We might change to make it a little flexible in the future.. Members can pm us for idea to make the forum more friendly and conducive..
  2. The intent to start a frag tank was to aquaculture and sell to fund the operation of the frag tank and profit from there if possible, correct me if I am wrong.. Yes, it is still contributing to sustainable reefing as we did not ban the sale of frags, we only limit it, we are open to opinions to change along the way.. Why have a frag tank if you can just plonk the frag into your main display without having to spend to setup a seperate frag tank.. Make sense? If it is from your main display, I know there is a time where you need to trim it.. But that is a must for you to frag and not frag for the sake of selling, yes, of course if you can make a profit then good.. The reason why we didnt ban the sale of frags.. I agree there is still a lot of grey area in our rules and regulations but this is what we came up to curb the number of reseller and profiteer..
  3. Out of the forum is not our control, it is their business that they are running based on their own platform and own circle of customers and not leeching on a platform to make quick bucks where they do not need to pay anything and get money quick as we are not running this forum without any cost..
  4. Yes, it is to prevent resellers.. Not that we are disagree to aquaculture, but there are always profiteers who are using our forum as a platform to make quick bucks.. To safeguard sponsors who also doing home based aquaculture and lfs selling aquacultured corals.. We always welcome home based aquaculture reefer to join us as sponsors..
  5. Xiphasia setifer... Where is this piece spotted..
  6. Get a higher hp chiller, it will help save on power consumption and lesser running and temp fluctuations. It depend you want coolwater or deepwater or fishes that can do well in cooler waters.. Deepwater fishes does well in cool water setting as at the depth they are found, the temp is quite low too. If you are not too particular as in whether they are found temperate region there are a few deepwater fishes you can consider.. For real coldwater tank, it is still not done in sg, although we are able to get lfs to bring in fishes from uk, we just dun have enough interest, expertise and experience in them.. Most of the problem is the cost of the tank setup and long term upkeeping of the setup..
  7. They are adapted to having large amount of fatty deposits to last them at least 6 months without food but sadly most dun last that long..
  8. These looks like typical young Hippocampus Kudas.. You wun get zosterae or any of the dwarf species as a matter of fact for that price.. Seller please state the species of the seahorse to prevent any misunderstanding in the future with buyers.. Feeding with live brine is not considered easy to take care for your info.. Getting constant supply of live brine is a hassle to kerp up.. Kudas are able to train to take ghost shrimp, mysis and krills..
  9. This is considered slightly bleach, the color should be darker beige..
  10. I believe the video might be signs of aggression.. The courtship is nothing like the video have shown.. And see if the female is gravid, it might cause some aggresion between the males..
  11. But you have done a very good job of keeping them.. Hope you got the correct ratio of male and female.. They are known to be vert aggressive to same sex..
  12. Sorry to say but i dun think their courtship is like that. and they are not pelagic spawners iirc..
  13. Cool Shipment, corythoichthys amplexus is nice dragon pipefish unlike other drab dragon pipefish. Siphamia versicolor one of cutest cardinal, but wonder if they can live well without urchins..
  14. I bought the cute medium one and a XL one which can be used as a desk pillow..Hehe
  15. Erm Me??? But I would buy the cuter version.. not the realistic one. .
  16. It actually looks more like poweri compare to meleagris.. The body shape and color leans more towards poweri unless this is a very small specimen.
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