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  1. Bro, Very nice tank!!!! Finally manage to see your new tank. Beautiful colours and really healthy....Well done and well deserved.
  2. Wasted, lost the bid. Should have monitored instead of playing comp games! Nice clam. Would have pass to you Stan, if I had won... coz I think my tank not enough space for this beauty.
  3. I see that it's like a situation not possible to retrieve. Sorry I dig up old wounds! Let me quietly retreat back to my shell.........
  4. That is why you guys should trash it out. No point hiding behind these false veil and claim this and that. If you have evidence, bring it out. I can be mediator. I know another forum is not an angel, I was a Mod there too. I know but I'm sure these things can be put behind and make a fresh start. I find this low punching and counter punching kinda childish lah. Yes I admit, I'm not the most neutral of parties when it come to harsh word about SRC. But that was borne out of frustration from seeing it rot (admit it Conrad, there was a time where this forum really started to rot), topics and posts were not moderated at all, free for all slanging matches, SPAM BOTS (I really take issue with that!). So how about it, Conrad and Vincent? Time and place for coffee? My treat....
  5. Oh gosh! In this how the reefing forum scene has deteriorate to eh? Administrators taking pot shots at each other, forums going behind the back to recruit members, forums declaring that they are the no 1 in Singapore with long nonsensical statements that put me to sleep......and so on. All for what? What do you gain by screwing each other? Why can't the forums exist in their own right? I'm sure Singapore reefing scene can live with more than 1 forum, right? Everyone has the right to choose how they reef and which forum they prefer. So just let them choose! We are not here to judge. Why is there an ABSOLUTE need to insinuate on why a certain tank is vanquished? Do we actually know the reason why he did it? Why should we assume that burn out,rush and greed, and lost of passion is the reason? Maybe there is a real genuine reason for the vanquishing. If people decom, they decom. If they restart, we congratulate them. I've seen reefers here decom and restart their tank 4 times in a year and are still getting great support from the members here even from the administrators. So what? It's their choice! I've seen SRC take a bad turn and now with the new software upgrade and stuff, things are looking much better, especially with "Paris Hilton Videos" and "How to enlarge your pXXXs" ads all gone. Keep it up! But please can you guys call a truce and let both forums flourish in their own right? I hate to see the forums turn into a inter forum slugging fest which don't do any good to anyone or to the forum itself. I'm not playing god here and deciding what is right. But I'm sure the RIGHT way is definitely better than what exist now. I used to remember it WAS.
  6. WOW! Deja vu! This sound so familiar. I can see that you are back, bro......
  7. Jervis, I guess you are just not used to the excitement of shipment day. Like most of the older reefers mentioned, it has always been like this and will continue to be so. So fit in or be left out! Do not condemn or degrade the actions of the enthusiastic reefers there if you are not familiar with the goings and comings of shipment day. Looks like whatever Iwarna does for their shipment day, there are always whiners and moaners who are unhappy with the situation. I guess they can never win. If it's not the Thais, then it's the shipment arrival time or the attitude of local reefers or not enough pails or maybe my alarm clock didn't ring......... Come on they are running a business, it is their right to dictate what should and can be done. If they do not allow reefers to unpack, let them decide. If they allow then by all means join into the chaos. On our part, if you want good stuff be there early, be quick and be proactive. If you didn't get it this time, wait for the next shipment. Victor didn't say this will be the last shipment what!!?!?! Also don't just stand around hoping that the good stuff will fall on your lap. Move in, get to know the reefers that are already unpacking and get stuck in. Nobody is going to bar you from opening the boxes or putting your hand into the "reserved tank". Geez! Go enjoy yourself during shipment, it's supposed to be enjoyable. Else I don't see any point in going for the shipment then. Also branding reefers that are wearing the T-shirts of a certain forum as acting like hyenas are totally uncalled for and in my mind, unacceptable. We, as reefers, are a small community here. We practically know each other either by face, or by name or by nick. So don't let the affinity to different forums spoil the way the hobby should be appreciated. You yourself, if I'm not wrong, are also a Mod in a local forum, so I feel you should be more objective when describing the management of another forum. You wouldn't want people using another forum to question the management of your forum right??? Guess we have to be a bit more tolerant in our approach towards this hobby bearing in mind this is still just a hobby. BTW still have nice SPS (pink pocci, pink polyp monti and others), LPS (lobos and moon corals) and lots of zoos (were not open when I was there, but I heard they are nice).
  8. You win bro. Bidding for someone. Only got authority to bid until $50.
  9. Ok bro, I apologize too.... Man U didn't win a liitle pissed lah. Anyway, I'm done posting.
  10. Eh hello, I never direct the reply to you and I never ask you to give reason. I said if that is the reason so be it... I have not created any issues with you and I detest the tone of your post. If you want create other issues please do it out of this thread. I am not interested. Read my post carefully. I've said each has give their views and all is fair and square. I've already given up posting in this thread until you surface with this tone of remark. I do not own SRC and am not here to drive anyone out. I just don't like the way Alan post and voice out here including pointing out the photo discrepancy. Please don't act like you own SRC also...
  11. AHH!!!! He's finally back, from overseas it seems!!!!! Anyway Alan, have read your excuse and I'm ROFLMAO. If that's the reason then so be it..... All I know if a person post a wrong photo still can remove and replace within the next 10 minutes.....I waited for 2 hours before I post the comparison and in that time you didn't even mention you post the wrong photo.....and now you tell us.... Well we have given our views, you give your views now. Think it is fair and square. Let the masses decide then.....
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