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  1. Hi Reefers, some items to clear

    1) Orphek OR3 Blue Plus 120 (Brand New)

    Brand new with original seal intact, 1 year warranty available from SAS.

    Retails at 250, selling at 200.


    2) Jebao Doser 3.1 (Brand New)

    Single head wifi doser that connects to Jebao app. 

    Selling at $50 


    3) Tunze 9001 Protein Skimmer (Used)

    Used for about 1yr+, good condition overall but has 2 small cracks (holder and pump cover) that were glued up and does not affect performance at all. 

    Selling cheap at $70.


    4) Tropic Marin K+ and A- elements

    1000ML bottle left about 30-40% on both bottles. Use them with TM Carbo Calcium and you have a DIY All-For-Reef solution.

    $15 for both.


    5) Red Sea Nopox 500ML.

    80-90% left, used only for a few days as it was very effective in bringing down nutrients level.

    Selling at $10


    Refer to 2nd post for pictures. Whatsapp me at 910Six393Four to deal, collection at Woodlands.

  2. Hi reefers, photos taken under white light with yellow filter to portray coral color as accurately as possible, no further editing.



    Top left to bottom right:


    Top left - hot pink Goniopora - $30


    Top right - purple hornet zoas - $20


    Bottom left - true rasta zoas - $20


    Bottom middle - yoda zoas - $20


    Bottom right - speckled krakatoa zoa - $30


    Take all for $115 and ill FOC a purple death paly frag!


    Priority goes to whoever can take all, collection at woodlands. Whatsapp me at 910six393four.


    Thanks for viewing! IMG_20210309_135749.jpeg


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  3. 21 hours ago, Validator said:

    Hi All, so in recent days I realised that I might not be able to maintain the incoming tank without a chiller to manage the temperatures.  So I am looking to get one that is small in size, energy efficient and quiet.  Was looking at the Hailea ones, being the cheapskate I am, namely the HC-100A.  Can I get some thoughts from the members who have used this model?  

    I am looking to get one for a RSR 200XL. 

    Get a 2nd hand artica 1/5 or 1/4 or a teco TK500. They should be priced around a brand new Hailea but perform way better.

  4. Hi reefers,

    To those who owns a Red Sea Reefer tank will know how painfully annoying the diaphragm downflow valve can be when detritus and mulm clogs the valve. I spent lots of time and effort constantly tuning the valve and at times, the valve can get stuck and become very difficult to make minute changes.

    I decided to change the stock valve to a proper gate valve, do note that the sizes are applicable for RSR170, RSR250 & RSR350 only, bigger RSR will likely require different size pipes.

    The parts required will be:

    - red sea reefer return pump adapter

    - 25mm gate valve

    - 25mm PVC pipe

    - 25mm PVC elbow x2

    - 25mm PVC screw adapter

    - PVC glue

     - PVC cutter


    The RSR return adapter can be bought from red sea dealer and i purchased mine from RMS.


    For the other parts, i believe Madpetz carry most of the parts but i bought all of those from taobao.


    The first step is to use a spanner to unscrew the return pump fitting from the adapter.


    Next, replace the O-ring from the Red Sea return adapter onto the PVC screw adapter, remember to apply a layer of teflon tape to prevent leakage.


    Screw the 25mm PVC screw adapter onto the red sea adapter.


    Next, measure, cut and dry fit all of the piping to ensure the replacement fits well before glueing.


    Next, apply a layer of PVC glue on to the PVC pipes, i usually apply a generous amount and wipe off any exccess. Remeber to always wear glove when dealing with chemicals!


    Once all glued and done up, remove the original downflow valve and its time to replace them! 

    Oh and i ran out of the blue PVC pipes so i simply connected some left over PVC connectors to make sure the pipe is below water level in the sump.


    Replaced and up and running after just 30 mins of drying, usually PVC glue are not real glue but just chemicals that soften the PVC to bond them together, ideally it will be better to leave it to dry overnight but i have not encounter any issue just letting it dry for 30 mins.



    The gate valve makes minute changes effortlessly, and my experience from the past few days is that it does not fluctuate at all unlike the original red sea valve. My only regret is not doing this DIY mod when i first bought the tank.

    Do note that this 'tutorial' should only serve as a guide if you want to do the same to your RSR, i am not responsible for any wrong part size purchased or any leakage because of this mod.


    Thanks for viewing!



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  5. Hi reefers, all SPS for this week's frag sale.

    As usual, photos taken under white light with yellow filter to portray coral color as accurately as possible, no further editing.

    Top left to bottom right:

    Top left: 1-1.5" Aussie deep blue tenuis (polyps also blue!) - $20

    Top right: 1" 'Homewrecker' acropora (pink coralite , hairy yellow polyps) - $30

    Bottom left: 2" miyagi tort - $15

    bottom middle: 1.5" Tri-color staghorn (green body, blue stem and purple tip) - $20

    Bottom right: 1" branch setosa - $15


    Pic below are pic of the mother colony in the same sequence for reference only. Sorry for the blurry setosa mother colony!


    Take all for $95 and FOC a 2" turqoise stag frag.

    Self collect at woodlands, no viewing during this period.


    WhatsApp me at 910six393four, do not PM me.


    Thanks for viewing.


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