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  1. As above, 3yrs old eheim 1262 WYSIWYG, front strainer guard lost but can be bought from qianhu for less than 20 bucks. Letting go cheap at $80 only. Collection at woodlands, whatsapp me at 910six393four. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  2. Looking for cheap dried rocks or live rocks. small pieces and a few kilos will do. Please pm me or whatsapp me at 910six393four if you have any for sale.
  3. Should work, i would make sure to bleach everything to make sure its 100% sterilized and leave it to dry entirely.
  4. There are many ways to tell, visually ich looks like salt. If there's too many white spots to count, its probably velvet. Fishes with ich will also scratch the rocks to try and get rid of it.
  5. That was a typo, i meant to say 76 days! I like to refer to humble.fish for fish diseases and possible treatment. Ideally all the ich would've died after a couple weeks without a host, but a few studies have shown that some strain can survive up to 76 days. Hence, the recommended fallow period.
  6. If its indeed ich, you will have to leave the tank fallow for 86 days to starve the ich out. There's no certain the ich will be gone even if you restart the cycling.
  7. Looking good!!! lots of gems!
  8. Taken from my old sales thread of the same food blend: The following vitamins, Amino acids & seaweed are added to enhanced the food: 10ml of seachem Vitality - mix of vitamins to ensure good fish health 10ml of seachem garlic guard - Well known to entice finicky fishes to eat, may or may not contribute to the treatment of ich 2ml of selcon - Vitamins and fatty acids booster. 5ml of brightwell angelixir - VERY important for angelfishes! 5ml of brightwell 3/6 HUFA Amino Acids - Hearsay to improve or cure Hole in the head symptoms.
  9. I dip every single corals that goes into my tank, also inspect it for eggs/bite marks. Does not matter who and where it came from, always better to play safe!
  10. I got it 2nd hand from a reefer, There's a couple online store like ReefMarketSG that carries them, or you can purchase them directly from Qianhu who is the distributor for red sea. I believe a brand new RSR 170 is about 1.2k.
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