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  1. Thanks bro for your effort in uploading these images!
  2. IM mini Max full size ractor and IM frag rack RESERVED!
  3. 1) Bio-media Marine pure balls x 16 High quality Bio rods x 10 (1 is broken into 2) Both going for $15. 2) Seachem nitrogen 250ml (90% left) - $5 3) Seachem Stress guard 500ml (75% left) $10 4) Dolphin PWD-500 return pump - Missing the top screw in inlet portion, easily available at MadPetz or Y618. - About 2yrs old, on and off only ran it about a week+ as i bought it for emergency use when my return pump spoilt, and it was kept as back up afterwards. $25 5) Tunze 9001 - Great condition, 1yr old. comes with all acces
  4. Yup those are Noopsyche K7 Pro II LEDs, i think they are the best valued for money fixture in the market right now. I do not have the Hydra 26s to compare to, but they do look identical spectrum wise. Fishes are also getting more expensive too!
  5. Day 227 Once again, nothing much's changed. Just more growth and better color! Water Parameters: No3: 0 - 1ppm P04: 0.15 - 0.20ppm kH: 7.5dkh Ca: 420ppm Mg: 1250ppm K: 400ppm P04 still high as ever, but colors of the SPS are holding well so i will just leave it be. Some before and after pictures of some aussie acros! SSC before Now Deep blue tenuis before Now Ice fire echinata before Now, this took the longest to color up! Some random shots of the SPS in the tank. Golden Mille
  6. Very well written post and great looking tank!!
  7. Whole set is reserved for collection tomorrow! Thanks!
  8. Top left to bottom right: Sun coral 2.5" in diameter - $50 Sunny D zoas - $10 Bowtie blaster zoas - $15 Ice Fire Echinata 2x 1" stick (this piece is stable for months and colored up, not fragged from a newly purchased piece!) - $25 Take all for $95, FOC a frag of GARF purple bonsai frag! Refer 2nd pic for Ice fire Mother colony. Collection at woodlands, no viewing/visit for now. WhatsApp me at 910six393four. Thanks for viewing. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  9. Comparing the base vs the body diameter, that's a NYOS 1.0 body. the 2.0 should not have the purple rim outside of the clear acrylic body.
  10. Those look like pineapple sponges, they are harmless filter feeders.
  11. Awesome! Great to see reefer dabbing into a fully DIY set up! Regarding the pump failure scenario, i think that could be mitigated by using flow check valves. These check valves have gate that automatically closes when the pump stops/fail, preventing water from backflowing down to the sump from DT. Still there must be sufficient buffer for whatever water left in your overflow box to flow back down to your sump, though that should be quite minimal.
  12. I would probably run GFO right now, old and dry LRs tend to have alot of phosphates locked in them,
  13. Photo of the purple bonsai mother colony AKA GARF purple bonsai. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app
  14. Setosa frag reserved. Left the purple bonsai.
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