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  1. IMO, a stable reef tank should have no issue without a skimmer for days if you have one that broke down. Unlike a chiller/return pump/wavemakers, skimmers are not the heart of the system. You might face an elevated nutrients level without skimming for days but that's about it.
  2. Looking good!!! lots of gems!
  3. Don't think will be too strong, you can always set at the lowest setting since its controllable. Also pulse mode tend to be more 'gentle' on corals rather than straight on standard mode.
  4. a small RW-4/OW-4/SLW-10 wavemaker from jebao should work well in your tank.
  5. Did you managed to test your PAR with these Orphek bars?
  6. Also looking for gonioporas (no green/brown color) to trade!
  7. Frag A & C reserved for collection tomorrow. left frag D
  8. Hi, i have a large single head pink tip luminous green torch for trade. Looking to trade for hammers.. Whatsapp me at 910six393four to discuss!
  9. 4 Frags available for sale or trade, frag plugs fully covered with polyps. A & B Fairy Dust C & D Sakura Sunrise A B C D $15 each, $25 for mix of 1 each. Also open to trade. Whatsapp me at 910six393four. Collection at woodlands.
  10. That rack is definitely a no go for 1 tank, let alone 3.
  11. The general consensus is not to dose anything you cant test for. Potassium is something which can be tested and quite accurately for, and iodine can be tested but generally very inaccurate. Tropic Marin's CEO Lou Ekus mentioned before that a reef tank below 1 year old need not worry about trace dosing which i agree, generally new reef tank has more than enough trace and with a lower coral load, don't have to worry about those depleting. Once hitting the 1 year mark, it could be beneficial to do an ICP test to figure out what needs to be replenished. But if you have been doing regula
  12. Congrats on your new light! The fan turns on and off automatically. i run both of mine at around 60% and the fans don't really run at all.
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