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  1. I guess we can feed it using our hands. Lol. Yes, i got one from marine life that is already feeding.
  2. I would wish to share with u guys the nice effects of this lightset on my SPS but i cannot capture the actual colors with my phone camera. I have tried few times but failed. The photos on page 1 are the best i can posted.
  3. Taken eith my room lights on.
  4. The moon lights in action. 480nm. I set them at 4%. Up to max of 10%.
  5. Too bad i don't have a good camera to capture the finest beauty & colors of my corals.
  6. U can take a look at photon. They come from the same factory with some differences. Email with them if u have any doubts or special needs on the lights. They will reply u ASAP. Till now, i am still happy with photon32.
  7. My personal opinion will be to get one that provides full spectrum, dimmable & able to control the intensity without the need of a PC. Next will be cost & solid quality.
  8. The remote controller. Still inside the bag as haven't use yet. The control panel buttons on the light itself are sensors, not cheap plastics. So, i prefer the control buttons on the lightset more compared to the remote controller.
  9. Yes, evergrow & reefbreeders LEDs roll out from the same factory from china. Is is logical to ship from hong kong. Is evergrow the same as photon, in terms of the colors & arrangement? I think not as reefbreeders have their own ideas as to how the colors & arrangements should be. Not too sure about that. Perhaps evergrow users can confirm that.
  10. Also, sorry for the poor photos. They were taken by my handphone, samsung S2 & Note3.
  11. Pros, value for money. Very good before sales services. Full spectrum, good growth with my digis & blue staghorn. Corals colors maintaining. (btw, my intensty is only at 33% max, so cannot see much changes yet but no bleaching so far). Another good option beside what we already have here.
  12. Some cons, power cord a bit short. Light orangeish in color during sunset, sunrise but i have gotten used to it. Well, we often see this orange color from the sun during sunset. Need to send back for repairs (not sure about this. I have not tried & have not asked them). For cree fans, u will be disappointed. (i used to be cree fanatic but after doing up a bit if reading between cree & bridgelux, i also started to accept bridgelux). But their latest supernova LEDs does use cree. Btw, supernova still in testing stages.
  13. And one more thing, it does not comes with stand. Most fixtures now comes only with hanging kits because 'hanging' is better 'light management'. First it posed no obstruction when u want to put your hands & arms inside for doing something, secondly, for LEDs, u better hang higher than T5. Mine is 11 inches from water level. And one thing i have to comment, the before sales service i got from logan, owner of reefbreeders has been very good. Fast reply to whatever question i had for him via email, of course after he wakes up & i am sleeping. Remember, he is in USA. But, i will not want to try for after sales services. Imagine u have to send back to USA. 2 years warrantly by them (most other LEDs only 1 year). For LEDs gurus, u can swap the LEDs by yourself with the warrantly intact unless u damaged the fixture accidently. U will need to do some soldering & the LEDs, u must buy from them. There is options to customize the lightset before ordering. That, u will need to email them for.more details & assistance, of course, at extra cost. For me, the defaults are already very good.
  14. For those who knows what spectrum neutral whites covers, u will be excited. No cool whites here which has been accepted generally as useless. Yes, it is a full spectrum Light Set.
  15. Btw, the standard package comes with, the lightset, power cord with 3 pin plug ( i expect to be USA ones. Nice of them to change to 3 pins, suitable for our use here). A remote controller, a manual. The power supply & driver are build into the fixture itselt, hence the thickness. The spec of this monster which is suppose to cover up to 4ft tank, Uses bridgelux 99 LEDs. Bridgelux LEDs is choosen to keep cost diwn. US$449.99, excluding sales services cost & well, i am lucky, got free shipment for this. Converted to Sing dollars, a few more cents to $600. Lets continue with the specs, Channel 1; 48 450nm royal blue. Channel 2; 22 4500k neutral whites, 10 480nm blue, 4 660nm reds & 12 410-420nm violets. Channel 3; 3 480nm blue moonlights for a total of 99 3watts LEDs. Weight 18pounds. Dimensions 31.5"x8.5"x2.5, wattage 215W at full power ( does not quite tally if u multipy 99LEDsx3W. I don't know why but the fixture itself state 240W which includes the fans & other parts of the set which consume electricity. But don't worry, most people don't run at full power for LEDs). MH comparison 2x250watt. Yes, photon series are dimmable & controllable. Photon16, 24, 32, 48. Value series are lower in price but they are only on & off.
  16. I tested it before i had to remove the 12kg ATI Sunpower. Beautiful. My corals & fishes can dance inside my tank with this 'disco light'.
  17. My intention of starting this review is to share that there is another good option outside of Singapore. Also, some of u here knew that i had recently switched to ATI Sunpower last year due to disappointment with LEDs. However, i had always keeping tab on LEDs development. T5 is good, it brings out all my corals color to another higher dimension, vibrant colors which sad to say, my previous LEDs failed to do so. Now i am back, buying a Photon32 from Reefbreeders, USA. I must 1st state that i am not related in anyway to them except seller & buyer relationship. They sell, i buy. I must thanks one brother here for bringing my attention to this lightset which again give me back that courage to try LEDs one more time. To now, after 9 days of running, i have the confidence to say, yes, this is the one. I recieved a oarcel from DHL on 19th March morning from Hong Kong. Strange. I though it will be from USA but heck anyway, i opened it. It was packed nicely. After waiting for 2 weeks it had arrive.
  18. Thks for the advice. My 2 parts are commercial ones, using aquapharm.
  19. Phosphate is essential for life. It is a component for DNA, RNA & ATP & also the phospholipids that form all cells membrane. So, foods will contain this to ensute your fishes stays healthy. I rem when i juz started keeping fish, somebody told me, do not overfeed your fishes. Meaning to ensure all food thrown into the tank will be eaten up, reduce too much nutrient bulit up in terms of NO3 (due to food decomposing) & release of PO4 from the food to the water. That is also why we need to run PO4 removal media, to constantly remove the PO4 introduce into the water thro' uneaten food & fishes poo. So, no need to be alarm with the presence of PO4. Feed sparingly.
  20. Bro ken, LPS can tolerate slightly higher NO3 compared to SPS. Range between 20-30 is ok for LPS. Softies can tolerated slightly higher NO3 compared to LPS. For PO4, all types of corals benefit from low PO4 levels. Try to achieve as low as possible. LPS also consume Ca to build their skeleton body during growing, so maintain your Ca above 400. However, LPS does not consume too much compared to SPS or clams, unless u have the tank full of them. A nano tank should do fine with regular WC to replenish whatever is needed. However it is still necessary to monitor Ca, Mg, KH, NO3 & PO4 as tanks conditions varies. Your tank will be different from mine & others. That is why test kits are important. They will tell u whether your tank patameters are ok or not.
  21. Bro Ken, I am still trying to distinguish the color after 5 sec, following the instruction closely. I think need to do more then should be ok.
  22. Bro Aquareef123, high KH is known to cause SPS tips burnt in a ULNS. If u are not keeping SPS or ULNS, there is no cause for alarm, in this case, KH 11 is still within the range. I myself have not experience any burnt tips on any of my SPS when my KH accidently went to 11 a few weeks ago. But that was a few days only. I brought it down slowly back to 9, so maybe cannot see any bad effects.
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