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  1. hi hi i actuallly use cheato , algae scrubber (18w + 18w) both cheato and scrubber receive light and skimmer. but then skimmer pump spoil, i didnt replace my tank now all run well. 4 tang fish 3 angel, 3 nemo , and 3 small fish for 3x1.5x1.5 sump same size well so far so good alage scrubber produce red grape algae , then i pluck off for my tang fish to eat hahaa
  2. $90 location china town sorry no picture yet height about 90 cm dimeter about 32 cm use for 3 years pump high presure pump but the spinner inside spoil so not working but u can have it. interested plase smsl 9-6-6 four -6 -2-4-9 i try to post picture next time i not using skimmer ready as my algae srubber doing good.
  3. o ya forgot to mention 2 white tube and 1 blue tube together white 8 mth, blue 1 yr, 6 hours a day
  4. i have hopa 3 FT 4 tube original but it happen to be 2 connector spoil to left 2 tube connector able to work selling at 30 location china town thankyou call 966 four 6 two 49
  5. Hopar Silver casing 4 tube but 2 of connector spoil condition 4/10 want to sell at 30 or best offered i have 3 tube comes together 2 white (8mth) and 1 blue (1 year old) daily usage was 6 hours Location China town number 96 six 46 two 4 nine
  6. added thankyou for ready, please pm me thankyou and can let me know price, age and where to collect tqtq
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