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  1. 3) 2 sets of Eheim Double Tap + Quick release 12/16 x2pieces - $20 (brand new set) and $15 (used set) my contact 97954615, where to collect?
  2. am i correct to say that Iwarna located at Marine Parade?
  3. i was looking for some, but seng kang is too far..... upzz for you.
  4. Received sms from creetin. Will do the transfer later and inform Chan Wai thru sms on the address and Creetin contacts.
  5. yet to receive any smd from him. the deadline to transfer. thr money is today.
  6. Bro please sms me the posb saving account, i will transfer over, and will get Chan Wai to contact you to arrange the transport.
  7. Just trying luck, any bro want to share? i take the cabinet and electrical extension, you take the tank and pump. The deal is you carry the cabinet to my house i pay for the bid. I stay in bukit batok. Can????
  8. i have 2 feet stand 2 tier WI stand you want?? $20 only.
  9. How much the stand?? can sms me 97954615.
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