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  1. Bro, did u use a auto timer for the Cherryaqua nano lights?
  2. Fully cured without hitch-hikers. Circulating in the tank for more than a year. All sizes from large to small. $3 per kg. Interested PM me. Thanks.
  3. 4x2x2.5, 12mm thick tank with cabinet, hood, sum tank, refugium, live sand, full piping, durso pipe (Tank made by Sealife). All equipments are not included unless stated. The whole setup is just running with one pump, Iwaki MD55 (Made in Japan, quiet long lasting industrial pump)(Not included). The bacteria home in the sump is Pearl Beach Aragonite. Cabinet is made of kapo and marine plywood. Flow to all compartment are adjustable. Follow the same setup and you will be able to get ZERO nitrate level (One of the greatest headache). Free gifts: 1) Test Kits 2) Kent Marine Additives - Many bottles 3) Propagation Tank. For sale at $400. Reasonable offer will be considered. Pls arrange for your own transport. Iwaki MD55 pump for sale at $200.
  4. 2 sets. One with E-Ballast and the other with Magnetic Ballast (No Casing for the ballast). Both are double ended MH. $170 for the set with E-Ballast. $120 for the set with Magnetic Ballast (No Casing) Can refer to the link below for details. Interested PM me. Self Collect at Toa Payoh. Thanks. http://www.delightings.com/index.cfm?GPID=16
  5. Bro, its still in my tank. Its live sand.
  6. For sale at $200. Surface: 290 mm x 130 mm Pump: Aqua Bee 2000/15W Power consumption during air/water mix: 250 l air/h, 7,5 Watt Max.size of the tank: 500 litres Min.water level in the filtration tank: 100 mm Output: 32 mm Skimmer body: 110 mm Height: 510 mm Interested PM me. Self collect at Toa Payoh. Thanks.
  7. DIY KIT 1 Dual x 24W Kit 1no of Dual x 24W E-ballast (Elbiru) 4nos of BJB Waterproof End-caps 2nos of 2Ft T5 parabolic spider reflectors (complete with plastic holder, 4 clips instead of 2) 2mtrs of wiring 13Amp Plug Top with 1.5mtrs of 3coilx70 power cord 2 sets of the above for sale, $35 per set. Interested PM me. Self collect at toa payoh. Thanks.
  8. 60Kg of size 3 live sand for sale at $20. Interested PM me. Self Collect at Toa Payoh. Thanks.
  9. Live Rocks - $200 (Inside got more than 14 Kg of Fiji Live Rocks, total: 80 to 90kg, also include a pail of dead rocks) Interested PM me.
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