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  1. All, i cant put this one in the sell off forum since i havent posted 20 posts. Im moving to another place and I have a stand and tank to give away...no piping, no sump...no equipment Tank is 3x3x2ft (lxhxw) Pickup anytime after 7pm (sms 98287939)
  2. Hi gents, ladies, i am looking for some time for Cheato (or, less preferable, Caulerpa). Everytime i call the shops it is or not available or out of stock. Anyone willing to sell some to me?
  3. Guys, i received an apology from Janet. Very kind. Thanks also to all of you for your reply. Of course we (i) should move on too. I hope that the feedback will be used to improve the services. And for sure there are a lot of LFS out there with excellent services.... thanks all.
  4. Some time ago i started a topic related to Aquamarin. It was about a bad experience i had about buying a chiller from them. Their service was terrible. I am surprised that this topic is removed now. It seems that SRC is sponsored by Aquamarin? But even then it is not very democratic to remove topics just because it is your sponsor. I thought the meaning of a forum is to share experiences and knowledge with each other. It should not be a platform to promote Aquamarin. Typical Singapore to avoid confrontations, no real freedom in this country....
  5. Hi guys, I am a bit dissapointed about the diversity and differences of the offered equipment by the LFS in Singapore. Overall they are all to small to have a large range of equipment. I was trying to buy online some equipment from the US but their shipping rates are outragious. Marine Depot for example is asking 130USD to ship to Singapore (they said they had to raise the rates recently). That is about half of what i need to pay for the equipment only. I have checked many, many other online store but they are all in the 100+USD rates. Anyone good recommendations. Maybe Malaysia? I wa
  6. Hi, I am currently looking for this setup for my three feet tank. Planning to buy 4 (2 main and 2 linked). However shippingrates are very high. 100-130USD. May i ask where you bought yours and how much were the shipping rates?
  7. It looks like this. There is a kind of a granulat inside.
  8. He guys, shame on me, but I got another filter in my reef tank sump which got this black stuff inside. The water comes from underneath through and flows out at the lid on the top. The medium is heavier than water. What is it exactly called and what purpose does it have and do i need to replace it. Kinda funny but got to know... Thanks...
  9. Thanks guys, will visit the homely today. Hopefully they have it in their Jurong branch as well...
  10. Hi guys, i am busy setting up my first 90g reef tank. Since i have an electrical background I would like very much to protect myself against equipment failure and therefore possible electrocution. A ground fault circuit protector is such a device that can save your live for only 25-30 dollars. However i am stunned that a few people know this. So far I have not found a store in my neighbourhood who has it. A little did not even know what I was talking about. Any of you has such a device and where could I get one? I am not talking about a probe which is meant for strays. This does not
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