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  1. Tank currently pending for viewing. Will update on the status asap. Cheers,
  2. Hello, I am giving away a old tank 3 footer 10mm thickness shallow tank in good condition except the rusty door hinges current keeping fresh water fishes. Please pm me with contact for tank picture and self arrange collection at CCK. Tank to give away on FCFS basis. Cheers,
  3. Hi Steve, 

    Daniel Lim here, wish to register my interest in the Artica Chiller if the reserved sales didn't go through. 

    Kindly contact me @9745 4162 for immediate collection.




  4. Having a chiller running in the living room is a unpleasant moment as specially while watching tv. It was a major down side of this hobby imo.
  5. Hi bro, Can I drop by to scoop some for my mandarin fish?
  6. IMO, Drill a hole half inch above your outlet pipe opening so when water level drop air will enter the pipe earlier to stop the back flow. Hope it helps. Cheers,
  7. hi guys, the bulky compressor size are similar of those air con compressor we mount it outside the window. But most compressor user I noticed, install it just beside the fish tank. I wonder if the heat & noise dispense from the compressor is bearable especially mid of the night?
  8. I wish to take mce600. Any reefer want the mce300 pls text me @ 9745 416 2 to close the bundle sales deal. Thanks,
  9. Serious buyer? Want to give or want to sell?
  10. My understanding was that the skimmer only able to skim about 30% of the nutrients. Strong light and high nutrient in the water will get you plenty of algae but may not be hair algae.
  11. Hi bro, u need a sump tank to house the skimmer and a return pump to drive the water through the chillier and back to the tank .IMO, using canister will choke up with debris in a short time and caused leakage.
  12. Wow, I didnt know there was such a different and i also for the 1st time added water to salt. This explain why i saw many sediment at the bottom of the pail. Lesson learned here. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I believes one Picasso and the others were true peculiar? Correct me if I am wrong. Nice fishes and great price.
  14. Hi YT, if u frag I would like to have one slice. Would be great to hear from u.
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