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  1. Hi bro, Where you bought the top up reservoir tank?
  2. The tank should place away from the window to avoid the direct sunlight and tank temperature fluctuations. Anyway it is a nice setup.
  3. The tank is not fully mature in just one month time. Running without a skimmer could be the main problem of not able to export out the nutrients in your tank imo.
  4. Tank currently pending for viewing. Will update on the status asap. Cheers,
  5. Hello, I am giving away a old tank 3 footer 10mm thickness shallow tank in good condition except the rusty door hinges current keeping fresh water fishes. Please pm me with contact for tank picture and self arrange collection at CCK. Tank to give away on FCFS basis. Cheers,
  6. Agreed. The submerged filter wool will be less effective to trap the fine debrises and water flow down from the dis[lay tank may caused further dislodge of the trapped debrises. Would suggest the filter wood to lay on a egg crate with supporting stand and firmly place above the water level in the sump.
  7. Hi bro, you have posted in the wrong section. Please check out at the main forum. Cheers
  8. I have warm tap water in a hot afternoon. Did you check and compare the temperature of other tap outlets? Also trace the heat source along the pipeline.
  9. Hi Steve, 

    Daniel Lim here, wish to register my interest in the Artica Chiller if the reserved sales didn't go through. 

    Kindly contact me @9745 4162 for immediate collection.




  10. Hi bro, can you show the tank photo and asking price here? Thanks,
  11. Hi bro, thanks for sharing. Best wishes to your success on battering this pest. I hope to buy some spa frags from you when my tank is ready. Cheers,
  12. Hi bro illumnae, I am going into SPS soon. Wish to know if the wrasse fish could eradicate this AEFW problem? If not, is there other effective measures? Thanks,
  13. Hello guys, I just gotten a used compressor, can disclose the roughly cost of installation here. Many thanks,
  14. Hi folks, I have a DC protein skimmer for sale. The brand is Skimz Model SV203 cone shape, for up to 1200 ltrs tank. It a good skimmer brought brand new and used for less than 2 years. Asking for $280 fixed and self collect at Yew Tee area. Please pm me with contact number, FCFS. Thanks for reading. Cheers,
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