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  1. Hi all. Looking for Nero 5 fish guard. Pls pm price and location if have one for sale. Cheers,
  2. Hello reefers. Looking for coral box backup battery. Kindly PM price and age if you have one FS. Good day.
  3. Hi John. Both are meant for measuring the salinity but you needs to calibrate it to be accurate. Imo the refractometer is more simple to use and to calibrate. Hope it helps. Welcome to the salty side. Please do more read up on the new tank setup. Cheers
  4. Beta fish has been collected. Thanks for all the interests.
  5. Beta fish tentatively reserved. Will contact the next in line if not collected. Thanks for interest.
  6. Hi , wish to rehome this biggest tank mate to calm the tank community. It's healthy, stable, feeding well. Please pm with contact to pre arrange collection appointment at Yew Tee area. Cheers
  7. Bro, please call out his name, location of his home to let other reefer know and beware of such unscrupulous people in this small reefing community. Unfortunate lesson learned here. You will be more careful in the future. Cheers
  8. Hi, looking for the above wave maker holder. Willing accept faulty full set. Cheers,
  9. Hi folks. looking for cable trunking to organize my electrical wiring compartment. Need about 1.5 meters length, any size and color is applicable. Please pm me for collection appointment. Cheers
  10. Hi, Looking for a LED light cum T5 combo stand or hang Rack. Will also consider to buy existing lighting set if the LED light is not more than one year old. Cheers
  11. Guys, there's a hp contact number on his ads. Cheers
  12. Hi bro, Where you bought the top up reservoir tank?
  13. The tank should place away from the window to avoid the direct sunlight and tank temperature fluctuations. Anyway it is a nice setup.
  14. The tank is not fully mature in just one month time. Running without a skimmer could be the main problem of not able to export out the nutrients in your tank imo.
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