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  1. Item 1 and 2, price reduced further to $20 for all 3 pieces, Item 3, all lumi Au leather sold
  2. Item 1 price reduced $20. Item 2 price reduced to $20. Item 3 sold, balance smaller piece $30. PM me for pic. Thanks
  3. Item 1 : Rbta 2.5 inch $25 Item 2: Rbta smaller, 1.5 inch n 1 inch, 2 pieces for $25. Item 3: Australia green long tentacle leather toadstool, Fist size, $40 Collection Bedok South 469298 Or office hours Katong 428769 VID_20210222_190352.mp4
  4. Open to exchange with algae eating fishes eg rabbit fish, fox face, or creatures eg turbo snails, cerith
  5. 5 cm selling $20 Collect Bedok South 469298
  6. Selling $40 for the 2 fishes, plat us almost 2 inch PM me Collection Bedok South 469298 VID_20201216_180257.mp4
  7. Rich color, The stripe comes right down to the lip. $12 Collection Bedok South 469298 Please PM me VID_20201020_085224.mp4
  8. Upss for the weekend...... Pail provided
  9. Selling cultured Derasa Giant Clam with luminous mantle, $500 Collection Bedok South 469298 Pail provided,, PM me VID_20201005_183545.mp4
  10. Lumi mantel culyured Giant Clam VID_20201002_183608.mp4
  11. Luminous Mantle cultured Giant Clam Derasa, 7inch, $500, very healthy Collection Bedok South 469298 PM me VID_20201002_183622.mp4
  12. Hehehe, Edward if u want I can include the juvenile for $70, all 3 clowns are compatible PM me if u want
  13. Price reduced $70 for the weekend
  14. $70 for the pair, please note the bigger fish got abit Gill flare (growth issue, not Gill fluke) healthy n eating well, size 1 inch plus. Collection Bedok South 469298 Please PM me VID_20200922_082952.mp4
  15. Selling for $90, big onyx is ard 3.5inch, v healthy n eats alot. Collection Bedok South 469298 Please PM me, can view vid also can pm me VID_20200922_082709.mp4
  16. Reserved, Deposit received from Nicolas Wong. Thanks all for your interest
  17. Designa perc $70 for the pair, fat n healthy, eats alot. If u can't view the vid, please PM me. Collection Bedok South 469298 VID_20200919_090810.mp4
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