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  1. 2 head - 40dlrs collection in Sengkang. Interested pls pm. Thanks
  2. 3 plus 1 baby head hammer - 70dlrs
  3. Both also can. As long as mated pair
  4. Hi, looking for the above. Pls on me pic, price and collection place if you have a pair for sale. Cheers!
  5. Sold and collected by a nice bro. Thanks!
  6. WTS 5 heads branching hammer - 50dlrs Collection in sengkang. Pm to deal. Thanks
  7. Hi.. do pm me with the price and collection place if you have the above for sale. Thanks!
  8. Hi.. looking for the above fishes. Do pm me the price, size and collection place. Thanks
  9. As above. Pls pm me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  10. As above. 80dlrs. Feeds on mysis and pellets. Collection in sengkang. Thanks
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