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  1. Still available. Looking to clear this weekend
  2. Ups. Looking to clear this weekend.
  3. Still available. Price slightly negotiable.
  4. 30dlrs. Collection in sengkang. Thanks
  5. Selling at 35dlrs. Collection in Sengkang. Cheers
  6. As above. 10dlrs. Collection in sengkang
  7. as above. selling for 500dlrs. still in operation so can check before purchase. collection in Sengkang.
  8. Dimensions as below: Main tank: 54inch by 24inch by 16inch (height) Small tank: 16inch cube Cabinet: 80 inch by 25.5 inch The set includes 2 Maxspect ethereal and 1 Radion lights and skimz return pump at 500dlrs only! This is by far my most stable tank in my many years of reefing. Viewing/collection in Sengkang.
  9. still available. price slightly negotiable. Cheers
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