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  1. Hi Folks,

    Selling away the equipment as I've decomm my tank.  Have attached the pictures. PM me if interested.

    1) Reef Octopus skimmer used for many years - FOC if you purchase any other items below

    2) Maxspect LED lights R420R used for 3yrs - $250 (inclusive of the add on lens to expand the light coverage)

    3) Vortech MP40W used for many years - $50

    4) Led Lights - $10

    5) Magnesium Mix - $20

    6) Calcium Mix (opened) - $10

    Will give a bundle price of $300 if you take all 6 items together

    Led Lights.JPG

    maxspect R420R.JPG

    Mg and Ca.JPG

    Reef Octopus.JPG

    Vortech MP40W.JPG

  2. your zoas are perfectly healthy.

    nothing wrong.

    there's no zoa pox. zoa pox only affect zoas. not palythoas..

    erh... whats the diff between zoas and palythoas? The one beside is a zoa?

    Anyway, I'll monitor cos the other zoa (or palythoas) are not opening as big as before. some are closed or half opened :(

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