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  1. Hi Bro, Was wondering you have any luck in locating the material for the cooling fin. I am also thinking of DIY tem chiller but stuck with the same problem. Thanks
  2. Does anybody know if any shop holds coolworks iceprobe chiller other than the online aquarium shop? Many thanks
  3. Yishun aquastar also have lots of stock too. Just in case u stay in the north.
  4. Thanks Terryz, Temp swing is very minor in my tank maybe from 27-28.5c max. Only worry was the constant water topup guess this is not too good for my tank. Thinking of iceprobe or the dolphin mini chiller (anyone use this before? any comments? price is more affordable for a non-compressor chiller comparing to iceprobe, but not so sure about efficiency). Yup 16w T5 lighting from aquazonic for 1.5ft is in the market, is it still neccessary for LED? Thanks. Really appreciate all these question, really help me in improving. Keep it coming
  5. Some pics update: Star Polyp My SPS Can I check if my SPS is still in good health? So far never notice bleaching of color and browning, are these the indication of unhealthy signs? Thanks
  6. yup am aware that they are demanding. Especially to calcium and phosphate level. I remember seeing members in nano reef or other forum succeed in having sps in nano tank with t5 lighting but low demand sps like birdnest species. That's why I tried. Finger cross and hope they will do well in mine too. Heard alot of comments on iceprobe have really good and also not so good comments largely due to environment that's y i am thinking a little on investing on iceprobe. But might be giving it a shot!
  7. Nice setup... do you mind pm me how much u bought the iceprobe (keen in getting as my family grumbling about the fan noise, is the iceprobe noisy?) Right now, trying topup method with my pet bottle to see if that is viable. I will reference on kimkim's and fuel's thread too. Many thanks
  8. Nice tank there, may I know how spec for your tank? Also have a 1 ft cube but am new to marine browsing around to see if there is anyway to improve my tank. Thanks
  9. The fishes seem okay, haven see any agression so far but have small harmless chase (read from nano reef on their aggressiveness towards own species, but can't find any info on the black dot fish).Hope it will stay this way. Only have a eden501 canister behind. Might be planning on a skimmer but not sure if it is overkill as I change water weekly. But any advice on additional filter that I need? But evaporation is a major problem I m facing now, trying to look for ways to top up either by diy or commerial product means. Will be good if anybody have good recommendation. Ya think am too greedy on corals, cannot resist. Will take more care on the calcium level.
  10. Here is my very first 1ft cube. Been reading the tank for the pass few weeks and finally started the tank 3 weeks back. FTS of very first day FTS after few weeks Nice Star polyp and SPS bought from Hijackng Current specs: Using a small canister with wool and some media (changing to carbon instead) profantec fan (Managed to keep tank at 27-29C) Aquazonic 1.5ft lamp (1 actinic blue + 1 white, both at 16w) Koralia nano wavemaker Soon will be adding a simple water topup system (will be great if anyone can recommend some cheap and reliable method, right now trying out pet bottle as my tanks is small) Change 30% of water with NSW from LSF weekly LS: 1x percula clownfish (not sure whether is true or false) 1x yellow tail damsel 1x black with white spot (guess is a damsel too, anyone can help ID) Maybe one more fish slot for a goby or wrasse 2-3 cleaner crew (no idea what to get, but thinking of 1 hermits and shrimp) Please do feel free to advice or comment.
  11. Bro, one thing to note when using chloroform. Please do not breathe too much of it as it is ver volatile (evaporate very quickly). It will damage liver. That is also one reason why it i not readily available. In research, this is normally used in an controlled environment.
  12. whq

    LED Panel

    Hi all, I am new to Marine but am very keen in setting a 1ft cube tank. So I would like some advise with regards to some lighting suggestion. I am looking at setting up a nano reef tank, so I need good lighting for the corals. I find that led lighting seems perfect for my 1ft cube tank. I have read through many pages of this thread. I am wondering if setting up 1 strips of 3 led light of cool white and 1 strips of 3 royal blue enough for corals growing in my tank size? Many thanks!
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